10000mah Ultra Lightweight Carbon fiber Powerbank

Nitecore, the company is well known for its small, powerful Electric and battery solutions has now introduces a power brick. This power brick is not like regular power banks we see everyday. This is the most lightweight 10000 mah powerbank.

This power bank Nitecore NB10000 is Ultra lightweight and made from carbon fiber frames and panels. It is also very compact in size as well as has high strength. These features make it very suitable to carry when you traveling on an adventure trip like hiking( Trekking trips) or trail running where each gram of weight matters.


This Power brick is just 150(5.29 oz) grams even with a 10000mah capacity making it the most lightweight 10000 mah powerbank. Dimensions wise it’s 122 mm in length, 59 mm in width and 10. 6 mm in thickness. This size of power bank can be carried in your pocket only. To make it perfectly suitable for adventure trips it even has an IPX5 certification that makes it water-resistant.

ultra lightweight carbon fiber powerbank
Image source: NiteCore

The manufacturer distinguishes the power bank by using carbon polymer in the construction. Making it high strength, compact size, and light weight and even water resistant. With the side panels made of carbon sheet also improve its looks while also enhancing durability of the device.

Nitecore NB10000 ultra lightweight power brick
Image Source: NiteCore

It has a USB-C port for charging the brick and one USB-A port to connect and charge most types of devices. There is also a led charge level indicator besides USB ports. Using Carbon fiber case has made the power brick highly resistant to punctures abrasion and impact.

The NB10000 power-brick can charge an iPhone for 3 charges, and most modern smartphones for a minimum of 2 full charges. You can also buy Quick charge 3.0 USB adapter with it to fast charge the power brick.

It is currently available for $59.95 (only power brick) at Nitcore’s official site with 18 months warranty. If you plan to go on an adventurous trip then this can be a great device to carry with you. At present it can only be shipped to Lower 48 states in US.

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