3 Easy ways to transfer files from Android to PC NO Cable

Just a few days ago I was travelling, so I started writing a article to make something productive out of my time. In the article, I needed to add some images which were saved on my Android Phone.

But since I was not carrying a USB cable with me I was somewhat stuck. Now, this same thing might have happened to you. When you need to transfer some photos or files from your Android Phone to your PC or Laptop and you are not having USB cables handy.

So let’s see 3 easy methods that we can use to transfer photos and files from Android phones to a Laptop or PC without using a cable.

1 WiFi file Transfer

Photos transfer from Android to PC without cables

This is one of the best ways to transfer file from your phone to PC. More importantly this doesn’t even requires internet, considering you have already downloaded the app. This method can be very usefull when you want to transfer multiple files quickly.

To use this method you need to download the app WI-FI file transfer on your phone. Now after downloading you need to connect both your phone and PC to the same wifi network. Don’t worry if you don’t have wifi around.

Just create a Wifi Hotspot on your phone and connect your PC to it. Now, open the WIfi file transfer app and tap on Start. After that, the app will show you a link. Just enter that link in the browser of your PC. In that webpage tap on Sdcard and that’s your internal storage.

That’s it, now you will be able to access your phone storage on your PC. Right-click on any file and click on Save file as or Save link as to save that file on your PC.

Three reasons why this method is on the first spot to transfer files without cable.

  • You don’t any internet connection to transfer files from Android to PC, once you have downloaded the app. So even if you are in a remote location where you don’t have internet access this method will still work.
  • Since the transfer of files is through WI-FI, the speed of transfer will also be pretty fast. So even if you need to transfer multiple large files or photos this method will work in a pretty nice way.
  • This method is also pretty secure. As you are creating your hotspot, only you know its password and only you will be able to access your phone. Unlike other ways, you don’t need to share your data with some third-party websites or cloud servers.

This app also comes with SSL Encryption that you can enable in Advanced Settings. While you are connected to a public Wi-Fi you can enable it to have secure access to your phone. Although I don’t recommend doing so, I recommend you should always create a personal hotspot with a secure password instead of using public wifi.

Using Telegram

Telegram to trasfer data and files from Android to PC without cable

To use this method, install Telegram on both your phone and PC and login with the same number. After installation create a channel in it and make it private. When it asks you to add someone, just add a person to complete channel creation. As soon as the channel is created you can remove that person.

Now, whenever you want to share photos and files, just send anything on that channel and you can download it on your PC. Since you have not shared your channel link with anyone else, only you would be able to access the shared files and photos.

Reasons why I personally use this method to transfer files without a cable

  • This is a nice and easy method to transfer files from Android phone to PC without any cable once you have set it up. This method is suitable when you regularly need to send photos from your phone to PC (For example if you are a mobile photographer). The main advantage this method offers is it’s fast and easy.
  • And like the above method, it doesn’t require you to set up a hotspot and enter a link every time, you want to transfer photos. Sharing using this method is just like sharing anything over any other Social media app.
  • This method is very secure as Telegram is an open-source and a very renowned app. Telegram allows us to send images without compressing them and retaining the original quality. The icing on the cake is, this method also works on an iPhone.

Now why this method is not on first position

  • This method requires you to connect to the internet. So if you are not connected to the internet and you will have to use the other methods.
  • This method is only suitable for photos as you will be consuming a lot of data otherwise. Transferring large files is not worth it unless your plan permits unlimited free download. But if you have unlimited data, then Telegram does support sharing large files.

You can download Telegram for Android and Telegram for PC from these links.


transfer files without cable

Now, this method is the easiest method to use to transfer files without cable. Bluetooth is present on every Android device and on almost every PC and Laptop. To share a file or photo right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the system tray and then click on Recieve a file.

And from your Android phone select a photo and tap on share. In share menu select Bluetooth and then tap on your Laptop’s name to share.

Pros of this method.

  • Since Bluetooth is by default present on every Android phone you don’t need to download any app.
  • It does not even require the internet that’s why it can be used anywhere even in remote places.

Why this method is at last?

Since Bluetooth is slow, it can take minutes to transfer a single large size(3-4 MB and above) photo. That’s why I recommend using Bluetooth as a last resort.

There are also other methods like sharing via cloud storage, but I think the first two methods are better than that. And Telegram also is also a cloud-based messaging app so it should work the same.


So guys these are the three easy methods to transfer files from Android to PC without cable. And If you have a high-speed unlimited data plan then I will recommend always using Telegram. As it’s very fast and easy to share using Telegram.

Tell us in the comments which method you want to try and which one is the best according to you. Here some of the best apps Android apps that you might not have heard about, but you should.

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