5 Best Budget Gaming Keyboard Under ₹5000 or $70 in 2021

When you love Gaming, the keyboard is a thing that really makes a difference in your gaming experience. A keyboard is a thing that actually lets you control your gaming moves. And when you have an awesome keyboard you not only have an advantage but your gaming experience is also improved.

And the other thing that is also important is the looks of the keyboard. A keyboard is one of the things that is first noticed in a gaming PC, especially when its RGB is glowing. RGB not only gives an advantage while gaming at night, but it also gives a look at the keyboard that distinguishes your gaming PC from a regular PC.

Now someone might argue that a gaming console is better. But for me, the keyboard is the best since it allows me to have better control with multiple key options. Other than that investment in a nice keyboard also pays in the long run, as a keyboard is a thing that you always have to use. And when you have long typing sessions like me your fingers will thank you for having a great keyboard.

Are you building a gaming PC here is one of the best gaming PC under ₹50000. Now let’s begin with the best gaming keyboard under ₹5000 or $70.

Razer Cynosa V2

Razer Cynosa V2 is the improved build version from the previous version which offers a lot of customization options. Along with the good build quality, this keyboard brings some features that are rare to see on any budget gaming keyboard.

Razer Cynosa V2 uses a membrane key switch which gives it a softer feel and quieter keystroke than a premium mechanical gaming keyboard. But using membrane key switches is common around the budget keyboard segment. Although keys on Cynosa V2 do feel good while typing.

Cynosa V2 has certain features that are really important and make it one of the best choices as a budget gaming keyboard. These features are a 1000Hz polling rate for instantaneous responsiveness and N-key rollover which ensure every keystroke is registered even when you press multiple keys together.

The other rare feature in the budget segment is per-key RGB lighting customization. This is a very rare feature as almost every budget gaming keyboard only offers per RGB panel customization. Another important feature that comes with this keyboard is water-resistant(it does miss water drainage).

If you are looking for a good built and feature-rich keyboard then Razer Cynosa V2 can be an excellent choice for you. Although it does misses on one thing which is mechanical key switches. If you are looking for a mechanical key switches keyboard then read our second recommendation in this list. As it does bring mechanical key switches in this budget.

You can buy by clicking on this image.


  • N-key rollover
  • Per-key RGB lighting
  • Water resistant


  • Non mechanical key switches
  • Missing rating of million key strokes

Zebronics Max Pro

When you love mechanical key switches but are tight on budget then this is the best budget gaming keyboard for you. This lets you enjoy the feel of mechanical key switches without actually putting a big hole in your pocket. Now those who have actually used a mechanical keyboard will know how awesome it feels to type on a mechanical keyboard as compared to a membrane keyboard.

Zebronics max pro is a full-size keyboard with 104 keys and a full RGB LED backlight. It has 19 pre-programmed LED modes with 6 levels of brightness to let have you have complete customization. It is a heavy-duty keyboard that weighs 1.3Kg offering a sturdy and good build quality.

The mechanical key switches used in this keyboard are blue switches. Now don’t confuse these with cherry blue switches as those are really premium switches. And that would cost around three to four times more than the price of these. But these are also not cheap in feel but offer a nice tactile feel, which you expect from a mechanical keyboard.

Along with full RGB modes, it has rated a key life span of 50 million times and a 1000Hz report rate. Which makes it a better keyboard for a longer life span. So if you are looking for a nice mechanical keyboard for long hours of typing sessions then this keyboard is the best option for you in this budget. Although there are a few things missing like dedicated software and per-key RGB lighting. But if you are looking for a great typing experience then this is the best keyboard in this budget.

Best Budget Gaming Keyboard
You can buy by clicking on this image


  • Mechanical Key Switches
  • 19 Pre Programmed LED modes
  • 50 Million times key rating


  • No per-key Lighting
  • No software for RGB customization

Redragon Surara K582

This is another mechanical keyboard and one of the best budget gaming keyboards on this list that offers great value for money. This is a full-size 104 key keyboard with 100% anti-ghosting which ensures all your simultaneous key presses get registered. It is a mechanical keyboard which means you get that tactile feel while enjoying your favorite games.

This keyboard also has a rating of 50 million keystrokes which ensures durability for a long long time. It’s also fully configurable which means every key is macro programmable allowing you to get the most suited gaming configuration. It has OUTEMU red switches which are not the best out there but offer that mechanical keyboard tactile feedback.

It has a pre-programmed Dynamic RGB backlight with 6 backlight themes and 18 backlight models. These ample RGB configurations ensure it can be configured according to your preferred choice.

In terms of build, it has a metal base plate that makes the build stable and rigid. And build quality is also nice and sturdy considering the price point. Overall it’s a great mechanical keyboard considering the price point.


  • Mechanical Key switches
  • Good Build Quality
  • RGB backlighting


  • No customization Software
  • No per-key RGB lighting

Logitech G213

If you are looking for a mechanical keyboard-like tactile response with great features then Logitech G213 Prodigy is for you. Although it has membrane keys Logitech has designed them to deliver a tactile experience similar to mechanical key switches.

Now you will get a tactile response as if you are using a mechanical keyboard, but it’s really better than budget membrane keyboards and also similar to mechanical keyboards.

Logitech G213 has individual lightning zone and each zone can be customized to according to your choice. Dedicated software Logitech G Hub with Logitech G213 offers you a lot of customization and it also has lightning profiles that can synchronize RGB with game profiles.

For durability, this keyboard offers a 60 ml liquid spill rating. Which ensures your keyboard stays protected from light liquid spills. Build quality of this keyboard is also nice and sturdy. This even comes with a nice big armrest, although I didn’t personally like the armrest. Due to its plasticky smooth finish and mainly due to its nondetachable.

But if you are looking for a good membrane typing experience sturdy build along with nice colors and RGBs, then this can be a great keyboard for you.

Best Budget Gaming keyboard
You can buy by just clicking on this image.


  • Nice typing experience compared to other similar budget membrane keyboards.
  • Decent RGB lighting that can suit Work PCs
  • Sturdy build
  • Water-Resistant


  • Membrane Keys
  • Not Per-key RGB customization
  • Nondetachable Handrest
  • The finish of Handrest not quite good

Corsair K55

The Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard uses rubber dome switches. These switches don’t offer the same tactile experience which can be felt in keyboards with mechanical switches. But apart from that that the keyboard is really great and offers various great features in this budget.

The build quality of this keyboard is good but has some flex, but still, it feels solid and has a textured wrist rest. This wrist rest does feel nice due to its texture but has a lot of flex as its hollow plastic. The typing experience is very less noisy, which assures you can use this keyboard quite silently.

Corsair K55 has three panel RGB lights that can be customized according to your preference. This RGB lighting on the keyboard looks good and premium. It even has 6 dedicated programable macro keys that you can program for gaming.

Best Budget Gaming Keyboard
You can buy by just clicking on this image.


  • Every key is macro programmable.
  • Good Looks
  • The wrist rest is detachable


  • Zone lit RGB, No per-key RGB customization
  • Wrist rest is hollow Plastic
  • Has a lot of flex compared to other offering in this budget

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These are the best budget gaming keyboards under ₹5000 or $70 that I think are worth the money you spend. These keyboards improve your gaming experience and also provide you an advantage over your opponents.

If you want a feature-rich keyboard then the Razer one is the best for you but if you want a better typing experience then pick between the two mechanical keyboards. Although if you live in India I would advise going with Zebronics Max Pro as you will get better after-sales service from Zebronics.

Thanks for reading till last.

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