5 Reasons YouTube is better than Tik-Tok Youtube vs Tik Tok

For a start Youtube compared to Tik Tok is a very huge platform, although Tik-Tok is catching up real fast. But sheer numbers of Watch time and content of Youtube is very higher than Tik-Tok.

But at least in terms of downloads and active users, Tik-Tok is catching up real fast. As recently Tik-Tok has become one of the most downloaded apps and in terms of active users, it’s said to have reached 800 million worldwide.

So is it worth it? you decide. But here we are providing you points of why Youtube is a better then Tik-Tok.

1 Youtube gives you choice

Its no doubt this is one of the best things and about Youtube. It gives you the choice to search, subscribe, and only watch the type of content you are interested in.

This choice is not present in Tik-Tok. As you only have one option to swipe if you don’t like the content. You can’t specifically search for what you want to watch. Instead, you need to watch, what the Tik-Tok algorithm thinks you should.

And if you do not like that you can just skip to the other content that Tik-Tok algorithm thinks you should watch. So if you are picky and specific at what you want to watch and whatnot. Then Tik-Tok is not for you and you are better using Youtube.

2 There is variety in Youtube’s content

Why Youtube is better then Tik Tok, Youtube vs Tik Tok

Variety in Youtube’s content is huge, which cannot be ever matched on Tik-Tok. This is also because, Tik-Tok is a micro-blogging platform, which puts a limit on the length of videos in Tik-Tok.

Now, this limit on content’s length can also be counted as a perk for Tik-Tok. But in this case its seriously a con, as content creators are forced to create videos under one minute. This limits a variety of content, like tutorials and explanatory videos just can’t be created in a minute time frame. As these types of videos are generally long in length.

So if you are one of the creators who need to creates long videos like explanatory videos. Then you are better using Youtube for your content.

3 Tik-Tok is very very addictive

This is seriously the worst thing about Tik-Tok, It’s very addictive. Once you open Tik-Tok from the first screen it’s designed to keep you engaged. There is very little decision making involved in Tik-Tok which makes it very addictive.

Considering most audience of Tik-Tok is very young this becomes an even more serious concern. The general content on Tik-Tok is not very productive and is only meant to provide entertainment. This makes using Tik-Tok for longer durations a very unproductive waste of time.

While this is quite not the case with Youtube, even though it can be considered addictive. But as it has a variety of content and user also has control over what type of content he or she wants to watch.

Makes Youtube an overall better platform. And if it’s used properly Youtube can become a great learning platform. Not only that but for creating and watching any specific topic related videos Youtube is one of the best platforms.

4 Variety of Content

There is a huge variety in the content of Youtube. There are all sorts of videos from entertainment, music, hobbies, to vlogs, and almost every other type you can think of. This variety of videos is also the reason for its so popular growth.

While Tik Tok is not created with a variety of content in mind. Instead, it is created to provide short entertaining videos. This makes Tik-Tok’s variety of videos very limited and mostly focused on entertainment only.

5 Long term effects

Even though YouTube can also be considered a social media platform. It still has possibilities of teaching and learning which can make it a learning platform. That’s why depending on your own use time spent on YouTube can be productive. And in the long term, it can provide you with some new knowledge and skills.

This is not the case with the Tik-Tok, as it’s designed to provide entertainment only. And as a result, almost every video on this platform is just focused on entertainment. Combined with its addictive nature it keeps users browsing through and just watching unproductive videos.

At the end of the day, you are left with a carving of watching more Tik-Tok videos. In long terms, this results in you being addicted to watching Tik-Tok videos and spending your time in a very unproductive way.

My final views about both the Platforms

Now, I don’t mean to say watching Tik-Tok is a complete waste of time. As it might make you feel entertained. But yes I do think it’s not very productive. That’s why I would like to advise you, to keep a limit on daily Tik-Tok usage. And spent the remaining time in learning something new or in a productive manner.

And yes I do think even though Tik-Tok has its own pros, Youtube is an overall better platform. Which you can use to acquire new skills and knowledge, in turn using your time in a productive manner.

So guys these are my views about why Youtube is better then Tik-Tok. Your views might be different and I would love to read those. So do tell your views in the comments.

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