Best Budget Gaming PC build under ₹ 30000 in 2021

With the current soaring prices of GPUs, assembling a Gaming PC can really be a difficult task, especially when you are tight on budget. Because on a low budget you really can’t find the amount of power required to have good gaming performance. But don’t worry we are here to help you build a budget gaming PC so that you can enjoy quite a great amount of AAA titles. In this article, we will try to build the best possible budget gaming PC under ₹30000.

In this article, we are only talking about building the main CPU tower as that’s the heart and brain of your gaming rig. And while writing this article I have checked the price of each component so that price of this system really stays in your budget. So let’s see which components should we use to create our budget gaming pc.

If you don’t already have a monitor and keyboard here are the best budget gaming monitors and best budget gaming keyboards for gaming PC.

1 Processor

Budget Gaming PC in ₹ 30000

The CPU or processor is the brain of the system and no matter how powerful your GPU is, you will also need a suitable CPU. Otherwise even the most powerful GPU will not be able to perform at its full capacity.

Especially when you are tight on budget you just can’t go wrong with the CPU. So for this build, we are going to use AMD Ryzen 3400G. Ryzen 3400G is the most powerful APU in the market right now. If you don’t know what APU is then it’s a CPU that also has built-in graphics.

We recommend this CPU for budget gaming PC under 30000 as not only it is really very powerful in its budget but also comes with a nice built-in graphics.


Now for this build, we are not going to use a discreet GPU as we want to make this PC under a tight budget of ₹30000. And with the current pricing of GPUs, it’s really hard even to get a suitable GPU under ₹20000. But don’t worry the Vega 11 graphics that come with Ryzen 3400G are really powerful.

This will allow you to play even the newest AAA titles (although on medium to low settings). This is chosen considering the fact that even if a discreet GPU is chosen in this budget, it will not perform better than this.

For comparison, I have compared this setup with Core i3 9100 and GeForce 1030 GPU. In which i3 costs around ₹6800 and GT 1030 around ₹8300, which totals to ₹15100. But in almost every game I tried the Ryzen 5 3400G outperformed the other setup, even though the core i3 and GT 1030 setup is a bit costlier.

In this budget, I will not advise buying a discrete GPU. As vega 11 graphic will outperform other similar budget GPU and CPU combo offerings. If you are still interested in building a dedicated GPU build here is one of the best budget gaming PC build.

There is one more advantage that you get, in the future when you are ready to upgrade your system you will already have a powerful CPU and you will only need to invest in dedicated graphics cards. This will decrease your future upgrade costs and you will be able to invest in a better GPU.


RAM is really a very important component when building a gaming PC. That’s why I have picked Corsair vengeance 8GB DDR4 3200mhz RAM for this PC. This is a great RAM in its price range and is perfect for this PC build. As you get better gaming performance with faster RAM.

Although if you could invest a little more I would advise you to buy one more 8GB stick of this same RAM. Ryzen APU is known to better perform in the dual-channel configuration. So this investment will give you a better performing PC. And thus it will also make a total of 16 GB of RAM on your PC.

4 Storage

For storage, we are going to use the M.2 WD green 240 GB SSD. As in a gaming PC, it’s better to go for a smaller space SSD than a higher space slower HDD. That’s why to install Windows and other things we are going to use SSD.

But If you want more storage then you can buy 500GB SSD or a 1 TB WD HDD which will cost you around ₹2800. This will be your extra storage option in which you can store all your media files and games.

5 Motherboard

For the motherboard, we are going to use ASUS Prime A320M-K, as this is a great motherboard in this budget. This motherboard is also known to well perform with this specific CPU. Although there is one thing you need to know, most motherboards are not always by default compatible with the latest Ryzen processors including this one. So for that, you might need to update the BIOS of the motherboard first.

After purchasing this motherboard you can update the BIOS with an older supported CPU. Or else before purchasing you can directly ask the seller to update it for you. This will prevent you from the hassle of updating the BIOS.

This is a great motherboard in this budget. Although if you could spend more then go for the MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard. As it will even allow you to overclock your CPU. If you are not going to overclock then, Asus prime is a great bang for the buck.

6 Power Supply Unit

For PSU we will use Cooler Master 450W power supply, this is one of the best PSU in this budget. This PSU offers an efficiency level of 80% and above which saves your cost in the long run.

7 Tower Case

Best Budget Gaming PC tower case in ₹ 30000

For the tower case, we are going to use Ant Esports ICE-100TG which comes with side tempered glass. This is the best tower case in this budget and also sufficient front peripherals for everyday use.

Although if you invest more money then go for the Corsair Carbide series tower spec 01 which is also a great value for money and costs only around ₹ 2900. But considering the budget, I thought the Ant Esports is really best for this built.

Total Price

Here are all the components that we are going to use to make this best budget gaming PC under 30000 and their costs at the time of writing this article.

  • AMD Ryzen 3400G – ₹13301
  • Asus prime A320M-K – ₹5490
  • Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB 3000mhz – ₹3400
  • 240 GB WD green SSD – ₹2816
  • Cooler Master 450W – ₹2500
  • Ant Esports ICE-100TG – ₹2499

This cost totals ₹30,006. By using these components, this system should remain within your budget and also performs very well

Here is the performance that you can get on some popular titles on this system.

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on low presets at 1080p and averages at 32fps.
  • PUBG at 1080p on very low and high draw averages at 49 fps.
  • Shadow of tomb raider gives 30 fps at 720p.


This is the best budget gaming PC under 30000 according to me and it should be able to play almost all the games at 1080p in low to medium settings. And when you are ready to invest again in the future you could buy a powerful graphics card without updating anything else.

Although I have suggested various other components also, it’s not necessary you do purchase them. Even if you stick with the components I have used in this system, your PC should perform very well.

Note: We try to keep this article as updated as possible. But if you notice some changes in price or anything else then do suggest us in the comments and we will try to update it in the article as soon as possible. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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