Best Camera App For Android in 2021 for Some Great Shots

Capture Beautifull Photos wherever you go!

By Akash Chainani – September 17, 2019

We are now in a period where we don’t need to carry a separate camera everywhere. Instead, we have a very remarkable camera right in our pockets. Nowadays many people rely on their smartphones to capture videos and photos.

Smartphones come preinstalled with a camera application. However, the default camera app doesn’t always help you to capture the best photos and videos. The default camera most of the time don’t even provide all the required features. Thankfully there are a ton of camera applications available for Android. These apps carry tons of features and provide the ultimate photos you desire. So here is the list of best free camera apps for android.

Note: List for best free camera apps for Android is not in order of preference or ranking. It is advised to choose the application as per your need and choice.

1. Camera MX

One of  the Best camera app for android, Camera Mx

Camera Mx is a good and a full-featured camera application. It comes with features like tap to focus, filters, timer, Liveshoot(Paid). There are plenty of photo effects that can be applied and previewed in real-time.

Camera Mx also has an editor in its preview section which lets you edit photos. Tools like white balance, contrast, straightening this reduces the need for a separate photo editor.

2. Footej Camera

Footej camera

Footej Camera makes use of Camera2 API, which means it has all the manual controls you would expect. White balance, ISO, exposure, the focus are included with a minimalistic design. It has features like videos, Gif creation, photo histogram, and burst mode. It also supports RAW format if your mobile supports it.

3. Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is one of the best free camera apps with DSLR like features. It comes with most of the DSRL manual controls. You can shoot photos in RAW, lossless png, and RGB histogram. This makes photo editing easy afterward with a powerful photo editing software.

4. A Better Camera

A better camera

A Better Camera, just like its name this app has some great features. Features like burst mode, night mode, object removal and there are many others like HDR mode. This app comes feature-loaded which makes it ideal for people who don’t want to play with manual settings.

5. Google Camera

One of the Best Camera app for Android, Google Camera

Nexus devices come with one of the best cameras. But it’s not their hardware that produces such great quality images. Google camera software has some great optimization for the hardware. People have used the Google Camera app to improve performance on other than Nexus devices also. But Google Camera now officially only supports Nexus devices. So you need to download for other devices from sources like Xda. Google camera is one of the best free camera app for Android if its available for your phone.

6. Open Camera

Open Camera

Open Camera as the name suggests is a free and open-source app. This app has features like auto-stabilization, HDR and manual controls like white balance ISO exposure. This app supports the customization of buttons and other remote features. As open-source, its completely free and does not contains ads.

7. Cymera


It’s one of those apps that focuses mainly on mainstream features. Cymera has seven different lenses, camera stabilizer, beauty camera, and various other features. It also comes with an editor that supports features like slim face, big eyes, and many others. Cymera is a feature-packed app and includes everything that a user might look for, such as multiple filters, photo editing tools, body reshaping, smart gallery, etc.

If you are looking for professional photography this app might suit your needs. This app will be great if you want a selfie camera with high editing capabilities. As it has an editor which will let you change your body shape like lift your hip, slim your face. Cymera is one of the best free camera app for Android as it supports very nice features.

8. YouCam Perfect

Youcam Perfect

With 100M plus downloads on playstore. This app can be highly similar to Cymera. While features being most of the same this app can be great for selfies and self-portraits. This app captures great selfies with filters and special effects.

It also allows you to smooth your skin using the Skin Smoothener feature, and to add some stickers and text to them. Moreover, you can crop, adjust, collage, focus, and even remove unwanted objects from your photos within clicks.

9. Retrica


Retrica is one of the most popular applications used by youth nowadays. It gives you a ton of filters. The app has 120 different filters and lets users make their own album. Further, the app is equipped with real-time filters, private albums, GIF creation, and sharing and uploading your picture on social media. The exclusive feature of the app is “Shuffle Filters” which is brilliant at pleasing users with the aptest filter for any particular photo. 

10. Z Camera

Z Camera

Z Camera is easy to use but highly feature-packed application. It has a large number of filters and editing tools. Z camera lets you preview filter effects before clicking a picture. This app includes a photo editor and other features like HDR, beauty selfie, private gallery, tilt-shift mode, 3D tattoo effects, AR stickers, muscle building and much more.


So which camera app should you choose?

So here was the list of best free camera app available for android in 2019. Each app has its own perks as well as disadvantages. In my opinion, google camera is a perfect fit and if that does not suit your needs CameraMx is also a great option.

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