Best Cooling Fans for Gaming PC under ₹1000 or $20 in 2021

Your PC needs proper cooling to function at its peak performance. And to provide that cooling to your build, you need to have a proper cooling fan configuration in your PC cabinet. Now this configuration can be positive pressure or negative pressure ventilation. But to set up any type of proper ventilation in your case you do need cooling fans for your gaming PC.

So here are the best cooling fans that you can get under ₹1000 to keep your gaming PC ventilated. And Since you are building a gaming PC should you buy PCIe 4.0 hardware and does PCIe 4.0 affect gaming?

Fans do work of moving air inside as well as into your PC cabinet and out from your PC cabinet. So you need to make sure cold air is sucked inside your PC cabinet while hot air is exhausted from the cabinet. Proper ventilation will ensure your PC performance well and at its peak performance.

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Corsair Air Series AF120 Low Noise Fan

Best cooling fans for gaming PC under ₹1000 or $20

Whenever it comes to listing computer accessories or components Corsair is one of the companies to always be on the list. And this is true in regards to PC cabinets fans also. Corsair offers one of the best quality fans for PC cabinets, only after Noctua.

But considering Noctua fans are really expensive Corsair fans become the best choice when looking for cabinet fans in the budget segment. This Corsair AF120 is from the low noise series Corsair Fans. This ensures even at max RPM your setup remains low on noise. This is especially required if you are into recording since you don’t want your recordings to be filled with fan noise.

It has a static airflow of 52 CFM at a peak of 1400rpm. For LED enthusiasts it comes with four single color HUB mounted LEDs. And its opaque fan blades ensure the illumination of LEDs is spread stunningly in your system. Its hydraulic bearing and custom-designed fan ensure it is low on noise.

This fan is available in three Red, Blue, White LED colors. There is also a 140mm fan available in this model which costs around ₹350 or $5 more. So you can choose this cooling fan for your PC to meet your low noise high-quality expectation from a fan.

SilverStone Air Blazer 120R

Best PC Cabinet Fan under ₹1000 or $20

Air Blazer 120R comes from Silver stone, it’s a PWM-enabled fan that is optimized for radiators and heatsinks. It produces 25.62 to 93.97 CFM of airflow and has an RPM of 2200. This fan has RGB for RGB enthusiasts which allows you to give it any color of your choice.

Air Blazer 120R has Hydro bearing which ensures it has a long operational life along with producing less noise. This also comes with included with rubber paddings. Which is missing on the Corsair AF120, these rubber paddings reduce vibrational noise.

Since it utilizes ARGB 4-1 pin, you can be sure that it will be compatible with almost every ARGB-capable motherboard and controller. The fan on this is made from a translucent material which ensures you get the best RGB look.

Although compared to Corsair AF120 it produces more noise, but it also has higher RPM and higher Airflow. And it also RGB lighting which gives it a look of your choice. So overall feature-wise it’s a better choice and offers better value for money.

Arctic P12

best budget cabinet Cooling Fan for Gaming PC

P12 comes from Artic, this is a static pressure fan. This fan produces 56.3 CFM at a peak of 1800 RPM. It is a PWM-enabled Fan and has a good sturdy build. This fan is built using low vibration technology which ensures you get minimum vibration even without any rubber paddings.

It comes with a fluid dynamic bearing which makes it high quality and it also allows it to have lower noise. One thing that might change your buying decision is, that it does not come with any kind of RGB or LED. But don’t worry it does have a feature that makes it really worth the price you pay buying it.

Artic P12 offers really one of the best performances even comparable to the Noctua fans. Considering it does make a little bit higher noise than the Noctua fans at lower RPMs. But still, performance-wise it really does offer the best performance at only one-third of the price of Noctua fans.

So if you are not looking for an RGB fan(which btw many are). Then this Arctic P12 can be one of the best performing fans for you. And at the price which is under ₹800 or $10, it’s really worth it.


If you are looking for a cooling fan for your PC that is within your budget of ₹1000 or $20 and also comes from a very well reputed brand then Corsair AF120 is for you. If you are looking for an RGB fan and also good performance then you should get SilverStone Air Blazer 120R. Although if you don’t care about RGBs and want to save some money while still getting one of the best cooling fans for PC with great performance and low noise fans then Arctic P12 is for you.

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