How to change DNS on an Android Smartphone

There are many reasons behind why would you want to change DNS server and use a third party DNS server. From security features, parental control or even fast DNS lookup.

DNS is what actually links web servers with their corresponding website domain name. While you can use your default DNS server which is provided by your ISP or carrier. Alternatives to those exist and even offer better features.

Sometimes privacy can also be the reason as some ISP(Internet Service Providers) have been known to keep a record of DNS queries. Which is not always safe and can also be considered a threat to privacy. If you are really worried about your privacy, you can also look at these Linux powered phones.

That’s why here is how you can change your DNS server.

How to change DNS server on Android Smartphone

Depending on which Android version is your smartphone on, this method varies. Since Android 9 Pie there is a setting that allows you to change the DNS server system-wide. If you have not yet updated your smartphone to Android 9 or newer then you will need to do it manually or install some third-party app.

How to change DNS server on Android 9 or newer

  1. On your smartphone head over to Settings.
  2. Now in Settings tap on Connections.
  3. Then tap on More Connection Settings.
  4. Then tap on Private DNS, and select Private DNS provider hostname.
  5. Enter the DNS you want to use and tap on Save.
Change DNS server on Android smartphone

These are some of the most popular DNS servers. = CloudFlare DNS or = Google Public DNS = OpenDNS = Comodo Secure DNS = Quad9

These are some of the DNS servers that you can use. Out of these, I think Cloud Flare DNS is the fastest DNS resolver. Quad9 is one of those DNS’s that emphasizes security, privacy, and performance.

How to change DNS server on Android 8 or lower

Now on Android 8 or older versions you have two options. Either install third-party apps that will replace your default DNS or manually change DNS for every WIFI network you connect.

Third Party apps to change DNS Faster & Safer Internet, this is the official app from Cloudflare.
DNS Changer | Mobile Data & WiFi | IPv4 & IPv6 by BGNmobi.

These are the apps that I think are best if you want to change the DNS server on your Android phone easily. There is also an app from Quad9, Quad9 Connect but it is still in the development stage and might be unstable.

Apps like these work using your phone’s VPN API. But all they do is change your DNS server. But as these utilize VPN Api all connection from your device directly get served from DNS server of your choice.

Method to change DNS server without any app.

If for any reason you don’t want to use a third-party app, then you will have to manually change the DNS server for every Wi-Fi network you connect.

For that open WIFI setting from the Settings menu. Now hold tap on the Wi-Fi network you are using a menu will appear tap on Manage Network Settings. Tap on Advanced options and change IP settings from DHCP to Static.

Change DNS sever on Android 8

Now you should be able to see DNS. Enter the DNS you want to use and tap on Save. The drawback with this method is, every time you switch to another WIFI network you manually change DNS settings again.


In this tutorial we saw different ways to change DNS server on a Android smartphone. From which most easy method is by default method on Android 9 Pie or newer. Although installing a third party is also a suitable option.

I hope this you and if you have any other question feel free to ask in comments. I would love to answer that.

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