How to Change the Color of the terminal in a Linux Distro

When you use Command Line(terminal to be specific) a lot in everyday life you might get really bored with the black background color of the terminal. As you have forever seen that same black color. So for a change, you change the color to the color of your choice to suit your needs and look more pleasing to the eyes.

This not only lets you have a change but also allows you to have some uniqueness. This might not sound interesting to some. But for those who work day and night on that same terminal, this color change can bring some newness to their daily workspace.

So let’s see how you can change background color of the Linux terminal.

How to change terminal color in Linux

In most Linux Distros you can change the terminal background easily by right-clicking in the terminal only. Making it very easy for you to modify the color to your liking’s. Here is how to do it.

bring uniqueness to terminal by changing its color
  • First, open the Linux terminal (by pressing Ctrl+ Alt + T )
  • In the terminal right-click on the empty space and select Preference.
  • In Preference, the menu clicks on the Colors tab.
  • Then uncheck the box use colors from the system theme if already checked.
  • Then you can select the color of your liking in the Built-in schemes.

If you don’t like any built-in color schemes then select Custom in that. And then choose and select the colors that you like in the boxes below for Text and background. With this, you can set any color combination you like.

change terminal background color

This is the easiest option that lets you have whatever color scheme you like. This not only gets you a change but also offers you some uniqueness. And regular changing the color profile will get some change in your workspace.

Hope this helps you, if it doesn’t help then you can always ask in comments.

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