How To Hide Files Inside An Image On a PC

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This happens all the time when we have some files which we want to keep hidden from anyone who uses the same computer. But installing a special application to do so is not an option. As these special applications come with a price. And you also don’t want to keep an application always running in the background consuming your limited computer resources. So why not keep these files in such a way that they are always there but only you know how to access them. why not hide files inside an image on pc so that for everyone else they are an ordinary image but only you know what’s hidden behind.

Is it difficult to do?

No, but it does require some time as compared to that old school file hiding technique in which you just change the property of a file to hidden. Now, why you should not use that old school method, as everyone knows about it. With a simple change in folder options settings all hidden files get visible to everyone.

Is this method better than the old school method?

Yes, of course, one needs to know which image has a hidden file and even after that you will require certain commands in CMD( command prompt) for that specific file. After that only you will be able to see that hidden file. An additional security feature, you can also apply a password to that file with encryption (according to Winrar official site). So even if someone discovers it that person will not be able to open it without a password. Thats why its one of the best free methods to hide files inside an image.

Requirements to hide files inside an image.

  1. A .zip or .rar compressor
  2. Willingness to learn
  3. Optional– Winrar if you want to keep your file password protected and encrypted.

Step 1:

Make a new folder on your Desktop

Step 2:

Move files you want to hide in that new folder you created on the desktop.

Step 3:

using Winrar to archive files before hiding files inside an image

Compress that folder as shown in the image. Use rar or zip format whichever you like(we are using .rar file for this tutorial.)

Optional- How to add a password to this file before hiding

Now for those who want an even more extra layer of security so that even if someone somehow finds your file should not be able to open it. Use this trick, while compressing the file if you use Winrar you will get an option to put a password on file as shown below.

add password before hiding files inside an image

According to Winrar when you put a password on a file it gets encrypted through AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with a key of 128 bits or 256 bits. This makes the above method a very secure one to keep your files hidden as well as encrypted. I will suggest you use a password before compressing your secret files. Such that even if someone is smart enough to locate your file you will still have an extra layer of security.

Step 4:

Copy the image on the desktop which you want to use. Your file will be hidden in this image so always remember which image you have chosen.

Step 5:

command prompt

Open cmd (command prompt).

  • search ‘cmd‘ in the search dialog box in the start menu.
  • Or press Windows key along with R. Windows run dialog box will appear then type cmd in it and press enter.

Step 6:

Type following in the command prompt

hide files windows 10 command prompt
cd desktop

and press enter.

Step 7:

Now type the following in command prompt.

hide files on pc
copy /b imagename.jpg + foldername.rar outputfilename.jpg
  1. Type your image’s name with a format like .jpg or .png in place of imagename.jpg in the above code.
  2. Replace Newfolder.rar if your folder name is different and also change to .zip if you have used .zip for compression.
  3. Don’t use any spaces in name of folder or image you are using or else you might get an error. If there is a space in name of image file or folder then rename it to something without spaces then try this command
  4. Press enter
this hide file inside an image windows 10
In this image, you can see how names have been replaced in command before pressing enter.

Step 8:

hide files on pc windows 10

Now you have got the picture with the hidden file on the desktop. You can delete the original folder and image used. You can delete everything except the file ‘outputfilename.png’ or whatever name you have given to that file. This completes your procedure to hide files inside an image on pc.

Do note- You will not get the used image file back if you deleted it. You will only get the hidden file so use an image that you don’t need or keep a backup of that image at a separate location.

Step 9:

How to get your hidden file back

  1. Open Command prompt.
  2. Type the below code in it.
hide files on pc
cd desktop

and press enter. Then type the code mentioned below.

ren imagefilename.png outputfilename.rar

Depending on which image file you are using you will have to type the file format .jpg or .png at the end of imagefilename. In my case here we will use ‘outputfilename.png‘ If you used .zip compression type .zip after outputfilename. Press enter you will see a file on the desktop. Now you just have to extract it to get your secret file.

hide files windows 10

If you are facing any problems you can ask in comments we are always here to help you. Thanks for reading guys and if you liked it share with your friends and show us some love on social media.

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