How to install Endless OS and minimum system requirements

Endless OS is a great Linux distro catered towards first time PC users. It has more than 100 preinstalled apps and is very easy to use. You can use Endless OS on your family PC and it can be one the best OS for that.

If you want to more then you can read Endless OS detailed review here.

Click here to directly read how to install Endless OS as primary and only OS.

Endless OS Minimum System requirements

Endless OS doesn’t seems to have any official minimum system requirements. But i have tried on a few systems and these are the minimum system requirements according to me.

  • Pentium 4 or higher processor
  • 2 GB or more RAM
  • Minimum 12.8 GB storage for basic version and minimum 31.3 GB for Full version.

Installing Endless OS alongside Windows

Installing Endless OS is quite easy if you want to install it alongside Windows. Follow the steps below to install it alongside Windows.

  • Download Endless OS setup from the official website of Endless.
  • Then Click on Install Endless.
  • It will ask for which version to install the Basic or Full version.

Basic version installs Endless OS but with minimal apps(Downloads 2.5 GB) and Full version(Downloads 15 GB) installs the complete Endless OS with almost all the apps. Even if you install the basic version at this stage, you can later install all the apps from App Center(app store of Endless OS).

It will ask for the storage of Endless SO. ( While allocating space do note that Endless OS is going to be installed on the same partition where Windows is installed). Then click Next.

Wait till download completes then just follow the onscreen instructions and you will be presented with Endless OS.

Install Endless OS alongside Linux or macOS

So this is the question that a lot of people seem to ask. To answer that I have tried even from Endless OS ISO file, and as of now there is no way to install Endless OS in the dual boot alongside Linux or macOS. Here is also the reply at Endless support forum stating it can’t be dual booted with Linux.

There are only two ways we can just install Endless OS right now.

  1. Install it alongside Windows (Dual boot) by the above steps.
  2. Install Endless OS as a single and only OS on a PC. But installing Endless OS as a primary OS on a PC will format the hard drive. By this method, all of your data on that drive will be erased.

Install Endless OS as only and Primary OS

To install Endless OS as a primary OS, download Endless OS ISO file from this link. Then click on Try or Install On Your Computer, then click on Choose the image. Then select the image you want to download, I am downloading English 15.04 GB. Now just download the file.

Create a bootable USB drive

After download gets completed create bootable USB thumb drive using Rufus.

  • Plug a blank USB thumb drive of a minimum 32 GB and then open Rufus.
  • Then verify the device in Rufus is the same as the thumb drive you have plugged.
  • Now click on SELECT and browse to the downloaded ISO file.
  • Then just click on START and wait till burning gets completed.

Boot from USB

Now Plug the bootable USB drive which we created from the above steps in the PC on which you want to install Endless OS. Now start the PC and when the PC starts press boot key(F12, F10, F4).

If you don’t know the key then navigate to the BIOS menu and change the boot order to make USB drive as the first priority.

minimum system requirements of endless os

Now when you get booted in USB drive wait and you will see Endless OS logo like above. Then follow the steps below.

  • After Logo, you will see the installer, select your preferred language, and then click on Next.
  • Then at the next screen, you will see two options Try It and Reformat. If you are not sure about installing yet you can try using Endless OS. When you want to install click on Reformat.
  • Then it will show you Endless OS version click Next.
  • Select the drive and click on the checkbox. (Do note all your data on the selected hard drive will get erased.)
  • Wait till installation gets completed.
  • Then select the keyboard layout and click on Next.
  • Agree to terms and conditions and then give you a username and follow on-screen instructions.
  • This will install Endless OS on your PC.
how to install Endless OS

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