How to Install Python on Windows 10 to begin coding

Python is one of the most popular and easy to learn programming languages. Its a widely used high-level programming language first launched in 1991. Since then it has become very popular and now its one of the most widely used languages. And unlike Linux Python does not come preinstalled in Windows. That’s why here is how to install Python on your Windows 10 PC.

This tutorial will require you just a few simple steps to get Python up and running on your system.

Requirements to Install Python on Windows 10 PC:

  • A system running Windows 10 with admin access.
  • Working Internet Connection

Downloading Python for Windows

To install Python you need to first download the Python Installer. For that navigate to this official Python website to download. Once you are on this site you should see the download button to download the latest release of Python. At the time of writing this article Python 3.9.5 is the latest python release.

Now click on the Download Python button, on the next page scroll down and you should see the table containing different installer of Python. There are different options available for Windows PC. You can download any 32-bit or 64-bit Python installer depending on your system. Once you are sure which version to download click on the Windows Installer version.

Downloading will begin, wait till the download completes.

Installing Python on Windows 10 PC

When downloading the Python Installation setup file gets complete double click on the downloaded file. Then click on Install Now and wait for the installation to complete. This completes the installation now you should have Python Installed on your system.

Now in search bar type Python or IDLE(Interactive Development Environment) and click on it to open. You can now use Python on your system.

Verify if pip is installed on your Windows 10 system

Now to verify if pip is installed open command prompt by typing cmd in search bar and press enter. Type pip -V in command prompt and press enter. You will see output mentioning installed pip version on your system. If you see such output this means pip is successfully installed on your Windows 10 PC.

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