Is Linux Chinese? Which Linux distro is created in China?

Linux is the third most popular desktop operating system in terms of user share in the world. Only after Windows and OS X, this makes Linux one of the best choice if you don’t want to use Windows and OS X. But a lot of people who don’t know about Linux much are worried, about Linux’s origin. And might think if Linux is Chinese or not.

Seeing the recent global privacy concerns over Chinese apps and phones its obvious. So let’s get an answer to this so that you can install Linux distros without any worries, although except some distros. So is Linux Chinese?

The answer is No, Linux is not Chinese. Linux kernel is created by Finnish born Linus Torvalds now also a US citizen. And right now various people and companies all across the world contribute to the Linux kernel.

Linux kernel is open source and anyone can use it for free. That’s why they’re a lot of different distros(operating systems) created using this kernel. And some of these Linux distros are also developed in China or are developed for China. If you are worried about Linux being Chinese than you need to avoid these Linux distros. You might be wondering which distros? let’s see that.

Which Linux Distros are Chinese?


If you have ever searched about the best looking Linux distros, then mostly Deepin was on that list. Deepin is one of the most beautiful and nice-looking Linux distros. It is based on Debian’s Stable branch and has a very elegant desktop environment on top of it.

Deepin, the beautifull Chinese Linux distro

It is a user-friendly desktop environment that also works as eye candy. Deepin also has its software center and comes with some home-grown applications.

The problem with Deepin is, it’s created in China. So you if you are looking to avoid China-based Linux then you should also avoid using Deepin. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use this nice Deepin Desktop environment. Now about how to use it, we will talk later in this post.

Ubuntu Kylin

Kylin s another popular Linux distro, it is created for Chinese people. This is an official flavor of Ubuntu and was released when Canonical(the developer behind Ubuntu). And the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China reached on an agreement.

This distro is developed with a focus on the Chinese market and people. It’s almost the same as the official Ubuntu but adds some apps and software that are relative to the Chinese market. Kylin also suggests Linux alternatives to popular Windows applications.

As you want to use a Linux distro that’s not Chinese. Then it’s better to stay away from this Linux distro and use the regular official Ubuntu instead. Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distros and is very beginner-friendly.

Unified Operating System

UOS, it’s China’s homegrown operating system aimed at weaning the country off Windows. It was first released in January this year. Its created to reduce dependence on US-made software and hardware.

It’s based on Deepin operating system, the distro about which we talked earlier in this article. You can read more about the UOS distro in this article.

These are some of the popular Chinese Linux distros. But what if you want to use the beautiful Deepin desktop environment without using the Chinese Deepin Linux distro, then you can install UbuntuDDE.


UbuntuDDE Linux with Deepin desktop environment but not Chinese

UbuntuDDE brings the beautiful Deepin desktop environment on top of the popular Ubuntu Linux. This combines the power of Ubuntu and the beauty of Deepin in one Linux distro.

If you have already installed Ubuntu then you can directly install Deepin desktop environment on top of it. But the UbuntuDDE makes this process easier for beginners. It comes out of the box with the Deepin Desktop environment. But please note UbuntuDDE is not the official flavor of Ubuntu. And Developers of UbuntuDDE are also not associated with the Ubuntu team.

This is a remix distro right now that aims to be an official flavor of Ubuntu in the future. One important thing in UbuntuDDE is its doesn’t use Deepin Appstore but instead uses the official Ubuntu app store. This is great news for people who are worried about the origin of Deepin. And the origin of apps that come preinstalled with it.


No, Linux is not Chinese but some of the Linux distros are Chinese. And if you don’t want the origin of Linux distro to be Chinese. Then you need to avoid using the above mentioned Linux distros. As these are the most popular Linux distros that have their origin in China.

If you want to use Linux, here is the list of 5 best Linux distros for begginers.

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