Best budget PC Game Controller under ₹2000 or $25

You might have the best keyboard and mouse out there but there are games that feel better when played on a PC gamepad. While keyboard and mouse are still one of the most popular pc gaming peripherals. You even might argue that a keyboard and mouse are overall better than a gamepad. And this can be true in certain games like first-person shooters. But in games like racing, you can have a better experience with a PC gamepad. But if you love gaming only with a keyboard and mouse here are the best budget gaming keyboards.

And along with better experience in certain games, gamepads give you an option to be away from your system relaxing on a couch while still enjoying your favorite games. PC Gamepad also gives that haptic feedback which lets you feel the actual heat in the game.

There is no doubt that the Xbox game controller and PS controller can be the best. But when you are looking in this budget you still have some great options. And these options are not only very similar to these premium gamepads but also offer a good gaming experience(considering their price).

So here are the best PC Gaming controllers under ₹2000 or $20. And if you want a new gaming PC here is the best budget gaming PC that ₹50000 to build.

Logitech F310

Logitech F310 gamepad to play your best games with a PC game controller

If you are looking for the best gaming PC controller available under ₹2000 or $25 then it’s tough to find a better option than the Logitech F310. It may have its execution basic and simple but that what’s makes it even better. It is a simple plug-and-play controller with programmable keys.

Logitech F310 is one of those controllers that have three years warranty, which is rare to see as most of the controllers only come with one year warranty. This warranty gives you peace of mind about the long life of your controller. It has a great button layout and a nice directional pad.

Now, this is a wired controller, which might be a bad thing for some. But in this budget wireless controls are not anyways best. Considering that you get good build quality, programmable buttons and three years warranty makes this one of the best PC controllers.

But there are certain things that could have been better, there is no rubber, the whole controller is made from plastic. This makes holding this controller for a long duration a little uncomfortable. It does not have vibration motors, making the gaming experience on this controller not that great.

If you don’t mind having a wired controller, then you can choose this controller for its good build quality and other great features except for missing haptics.

If you want a budget gaming PC here is one of the best gaming PC build under ₹30000.

CLAW Shoot Wireless 2.4Ghz USB Gamepad Controller 

Are you looking for a wireless controller and don’t want to spend much. Then this is a controller that looks way much premium and is wireless. Claw Shoot offers you the freedom of enjoying your games while still being away from your desk, comfortably lying on your couch.

This controller comes with a 400mah battery which allows it to get a battery backup of around 10 hours. While it has a range of 10m which is around 33 feet, this should be enough to play games while relaxing on your couch.

It has a layout very similar to the Xbox Wireless controller. It has a Rubberised textured side grip which makes holding this controller for long-duration comfortable. There are also dual vibration motors which you great haptic feedback while enjoying your favorite games.

This also comes with a 1.8-meter cable which allows you to play games even without charging your gamepad. But there are certain cons also which you should consider while making a purchase. This controller comes only with a one-year warranty and sometimes you might face issues with the range of the controller.

Redgear Pro Wireless Gamepad

Redgear Pro Wireless gamepad gamepad for gaming on PC with wireless controller

RedGear brings this wireless gamepad which offers almost every feature you would expect from a Gamepad. It is based on the Xbox gamepad style and has a backup of 10 hours. So that you can enjoy gaming without worrying about charging of your gamepad.

It has an operating range of 10 meters or around 33 feet which should be enough to enjoy your favorite games while resting on your couch. It has dual vibration motors to provide you good haptic feedback while gaming. There is also a dedicated switch for shifting between X-input and direct-input.

It has plastic built, but considering the price, it doesn’t feel cheap. ABXY keys are illuminated which makes using this console in dark situations easier. Overall this is a nice budget gamepad, for those who are looking for an Xbox-style gamepad.

Although it does have some cons like the range of the Redgear Pro wireless is not great. Sometimes you might face problems in terms of range. So if you want don’t have a large distance between your screen and your chair then you can consider this gamepad.

RedGear Pro Wired Gamepad.

Best Budget Gamepad for PC under ₹2000 or $45

If you are looking for a low latency nice wired gamepad then Redgear Pro Wired gamepad is for you. It has nice build quality considering its budget and comes in Xbox style. Redgear Pro Wired has dual vibration motor for nice haptic feedback. This lets you enjoy intense gaming moments nicely.

It has ABXY keys backlit which lets you enjoy your games even in a dark environment. There is also a dedicated switch for shifting between X-input and direct-input. It is plug and play which saves you from any inconvenience and allows you just plug it in and enjoy your favorite games.

So if you don’t mind having a cable it’s better to have a wired gamepad in this budget. As wired gamepads have lower latency and also don’t face range or disconnecting issues. Which lets you enjoy gaming without any inconvenience and delayed input.

Ant Esports GP300 Pro V2 Wireless Gaming PC Controller

Ant Esports GP300 V2 best budget gamepad

Ant Esports GP300 Pro V2 is a PS-styled wireless PC gamepad in this budget. It has a 600mah battery which gives you 12 hours of backup which is good for long sessions of gaming. It looks nice and is comfortable to use for long sessions of gaming.

Build quality is also nice considering the budget, but some people might find its size to be small. It has a range of 8 meters which should be sufficient for most users. It also comes with a 1.8-meter cable, if you don’t have charging. If you are looking for a nice and comfortable to use gamepad then this can be a good choice for you.

With its bigger battery, you can have a long duration of gaming sessions. It’s also light in weight which makes using this gamepad for a longer duration comfortable. It also has dual vibration motors to provide you with nice haptics during gaming. And comes with some extra keys, which you can program according to your need.

But there are also certain cons like it does not have a battery level indicator. It has led which blinks when charging is low in the gamepad. Some users have also complained about the frequent disconnecting of the gamepad. If you are worried about that you can buy the GP100 which is an Xbox-style wired gamepad.


These are the PC gamepad that I think are best under ₹2000 or $25. If you are looking for a high-quality and long-lasting gamepad then go with the Logitech F310. But you will miss certain features like missing vibration motors as well as it is a wired gamepad. But if you are ready to compromise on quality a little then go with the wireless Claw Shoot or Ant Esports GP300.

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