Best Linux Distros for beginners that make you love Linux

Are you a beginner who has learned a lot about Linux lately and want to try Linux? But you don’t know from which Linux distro to start. Here are the best Linux distros for beginners and for everyone else also. These Linux distros are easy to install and use, which makes them best suited for anyone who is not familiar with Linux already.

While making this list I have taken into account the ease of installation of every Linux distro, since I don’t want you to get annoyed by the painful installation process of some Linux distros. And even after installing you should be able to use your PC easily and comfortably. So without further ado let’s see the best Linux distros for beginners and for everyone else.

Zorin OS

Zorin OS best Linux Distro for beginner

It is one of the best Linux distros right now. It is lightweight and offers one of the best user experiences from the start. Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu (which is one of the most popular Linux Distro out there). And since it is based on Ubuntu you can have access to almost everything that has ever been developed for Linux.

Zorin comes with a nice desktop environment that is modern-looking, lightweight, and easy to use. This desktop is inspired by Windows 7 look which makes it very suitable for most users since most will be already familiar with it. Zorin OS lite is one of the most lightweight Linux distros and it has already appeared on our list of best lightweight Linux distributions for old laptops and PCs.

It is lightweight, fast, secure, and powerful, along with easy to use. Which makes it one of the best suited Linux distro for beginners as well as everyone else who needs one of the best Linux distros.

Zorin OS is available in three different versions, Zorin OS Ultimate, Zorin OS core, and Zorin OS lite. Out of these Zorin OS ultimate is a paid version while Core and Lite are free versions. Zorin OS Ultimate offers you various features so if you are looking for all the features go with the Ultimate version. Although if just want to try it you can also install it from the other two variants.


Ubuntu one of the best Linux distro

When making a list of any kind of Linux distros, Ubuntu is the one that is almost always present. And this happens because Ubuntu is one of the most popular, user-friendly Linux distro. Almost every single app developed for any Linux distro is available for Ubuntu.

Along with being one of the most popular, Ubuntu is also one of the easiest to install and easy to use Linux distro. And there are a plethora of videos and guides available to help you whenever you get stuck at something.

Since Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distros, various drivers are already available for it. This ensures you get a seamless experience while installing as well as while using your Linux distro. You can feel yourself right at home while using Ubuntu, especially if you are coming from macOS.

Ubuntu like Windows and macOS also supports system-wide dark mode which is really cool if you like dark mode. And Ubuntu has a clean straightforward layout out of the box. Most people should be comfortable even when using this for the very first time. And when you want to make customisation to your PC just go ahead install gnome tweaks and then you can make a ton of different customisation.

All these things make Ubuntu really a great distro if your a beginner and want to use Linux for the first time.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint most easy to use distro

Mint is without a doubt one of the most polished Linux distros out there. This is such a Linux distro that anyone can jump into this and directly start using it. Although Mint doesn’t have that bells and whistles like KDE or even very modern looks like Elementary or Zorin, but the way it is, it just works.

Cinnamon on Mint uses lower memory then the Gnome on Ubuntu. This makes Mint better for users who are installing it on very old systems and this also makes Mint faster. Software manager on Mint is also faster and lighter which makes installing new software and applications a better experience on Mint.

Installing new themes and customizing Mint is also easier as you don’t need a separate tool like Gnome tweaks you can just do it easily. Mint also comes with great pre-installed apps which makes your Linux experience good from beginnig.

Overall Mint is easily one of the most polished Linux distros for beginners. This makes Linux Mint one of the best Linux distro for anyone who wants to use an awesome Linux distro. The only drawback which I personally think Linux Mint has is the looks of it. Mint comes with Cinnamon which I don’t personally like due to its less modern look. Although if you are not looking for a modern-looking Linux distro then Mint can be the best Linux distro for you.

Elementary OS

Elementary OS one of the best distro for beginners

If you are coming from a mac or just want to use a mac styled Linux then here it is. You can clearly get a feel of macOS by the looks of Elementary OS. Which is quite a good thing as you get one of the best and modern looks in the Elementary OS.

Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu, which makes it better for beginners as you have almost everything in its place. It is simple and beautiful which might make this Linux distro the best for you (especially if you are looking for a feature-rich modern-looking distro).

Elementary OS brings certain features that are really awesome and even other distros should learn from it. Like Picture in Picture mode which is really awesome and definitely makes various tasks easier. Multitasking on Elementary OS is way better and you will really like it.

These modern looks and easy to use fetaures of elementary OS make it one of the best Linux distro for beginners as well as for everyone else’s daily usage.

Manjaro Linux

Manjaro is a arch based Linux Distro for beginners

This Linux distro is for those users who are new to Linux but always want bleeding-edge tech. As Manjaro is based on Arch Linux it inherits many elements from Arch Linux. Now some of you might not know what is Arch Linux, Arch Linux is a rolling distribution. This means new kernels and applications are rolled out as soon as they are released.

But even if Manjaro is based on Arch it is a very distinct project. Almost everything in Manjaro is pre-configured, unlike Arch. Which makes Manjaro one of the most user-friendly Arch-based Linux distribution. It has easier and straightforward installation which is also a nightmare for Arch Linux.

As Manjaro is based on Arch this is also a rolling release but not a blind rolling distro. Manjaro performs additional testing before releasing updates which makes sure your system stays stable. this makes Manjaro suitable for users who want bleeding-edge software but with stability. And it is more suitable for beginners as it’s quite stable by default.

Manjaro comes with one click hardware detection tool. When you need drivers for your new hardware just open the app and click on Auto Install and it will install drivers. Now, this is really suitable for you when you are new to Linux and don’t want to do a lot of work.

This makes Manjaro best Linux distro for beginners who are always looking for latest software.

Ubuntu DDE

Ubuntu DDE most beautiful distro for everyone

When you are after an eye-candy Linux distribution then you just can’t miss the Ubuntu DDE. As the name suggests it’s a Ubuntu-based distribution but comes with Deepin Desktop Environment on top. And Deepin Desktop Environment is a really beautiful desktop Environment to look at.

Ubuntu DDE is created with the beginner user’s mind, which means installing and using it is really easy even for beginners. It uses Deepin Desktop Environment which is the desktop environment of Deepin OS. This is one of the most beautiful desktop environments available right now.

Ubuntu DDE has a control center that can be accessed from the right side. It serves as both the notification panel as well as the control center for the OS. It is very elegant to look at and also ads a lot of functionality that can be accessed very quickly.

Even though the Desktop environment is filled with a lot of animations and stuffs it’s still quite light on resources. Which makes sure you can use this distro on relatively older hardware also. And even on your few year older hardware, you will be able to smoothly enjoy this beautiful distro.

So if you are looking for a beautiful Linux distro that is very easy to install as well use then Ubuntu DDE is for you.

Fedora Workstation

Fedora easy to use distro

Fedora is a bleeding-edge Linux distro which means it always has the latest software updates. So if you are looking for the latest software then this can provide you with that. And you don’t need to worry about the ease of use of Fedora, since Fedora is created with everyone in mind.

Its a easy to use operating system that is created so that even novice users can also use it. From installation to using Fedora its quite easy and doesn’t require any special skill. It is reliable and stable Linux distro that won’t let beginners or even advanced users down.

It also has its software store that makes sure you don’t have to enter commands to get some basic software. Installer of Fedora is also quite straight forward all you need to do is just create Free Space on disk. Then the installer will automatically create required partitions. And installation can be done pretty easily and quickly.

So if you are looking for a stable, fast easy to use Linux distro then Fedora Workstation is for you.


So guys these are the Linux distros that I think are some of the best Linux distros if you are just starting out in the Linux world. If you are still confused as to which Linux distro to install then just begin by using Zorin OS. Zorin is easy to install, light on hardware resources, and is also very beginner-friendly. And it should really make you like Linux from the first moment you start using it.

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