Best looking Linux Distro for anyone who loves modern OS

Linux distros really give you the choice of choosing between a plethora of options. With each option having its own looks, advantages, and features. You can choose any distro to install on your system which suits your needs. But since there are so many options it quite a hectic task to find which one suits you best.

So here we have done that hectic task for you to find which Linux distros are best looking and give the most modern looks to your system. Although since each one of us is different we have included a list. You can choose any Linux distro from this list according to your preference. So without further ado let’s see the best and most modern-looking distros at present.

Elementary OS

Elementary OS one of the best Looking linux distro for beginners

If you are mac user or if you want to try macOS-inspired Linux then surely you just can miss Elementary OS. Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu and offers looks that are very modern and will make you love your PC. It is inspired by macOS which makes sure most of the users will already be familiar with the looks it.

Elementary OS also has great features that offer you improved functionality. Features like easy multitasking view, picture in picture mode, Do not disturb. These features give Elementary OS its modern nature. So that when you use Elementary OS you can complete your tasks more efficiently.

So not only looks but Elementary OS also has modern functionality. There is a dock at bottom of the screen, that is at auto-hide by default, it is used to launch apps that are minimized. The dock is customizable so that you can customize it according to your preference.

The design of the OS is minimal with not much chance of configurations available. Which ensures it is easy to navigate and also it is easy to use. It has a set of preset keyboard Shortcuts which makes using Elementary OS easy and efficient.

All these features and design of the Elementary OS make it a very modern Linux distro. And once you start using it you can really enjoy the very modern nature of the Elementary OS.

Zorin OS

Zorin OS best looking Linux Distro for beginner

When looking for a modern Linux distro, Zorin OS is one that should always be on the list. Zorin OS brings various features that not only make it modern to look but also very easy to use. It is inspired by Windows 7 which makes this distro already familiar to most users. It’s also present in our list of best lightweight Linux distros.

Even though Zorin OS is inspired by Windows 7 it is designed to look modern as well as elegant. There is also an option to choose from different layouts which gives you an option to customize it according to your preference.

Zorin OS includes features of customizing the appearance like changing between light or dark themes. There is also an option to set a time at which the theme will automatically change from light to dark and dark to light. So at night, your PC should automatically change to dark mode to make your PC easier for your eyes.

There are also other features like Zorin connect which lets you connect your computer with your phone. Through this, you can get your phone’s notifications on your PC, reply to messages, and share files between the devices.

Zorin OS is not only modern in looks but it’s also quite a light and feature-rich Linux distro. So if you are looking for a modern feature-rich Linux distro Zorin can be one of the best options for you.

Ubutnu DDE

Ubuntu DDE most beautiful Linux distro for beginner

Ubuntu DDE is a Ubuntu-based distribution that can Deepin Desktop Environment on top. This Deepin Desktop Environment is one of the most beautiful and modern desktop environments right now. When you look at this desktop environment it’s definitely going to catch your eye. From wallpaper to the taskbar everything is very modern and beautiful in looks.

It also has a side control panel on the right-hand side which can be used to see notifications and also to achieve certain tasks. This control panel not only improves functionality but also gives this distro a modern look. Ubuntu DDE also supports dark mode which gives your eyes some peace at night while still looking awesome and modern.

So if you are looking for a beautiful as well as modern Linux distro then Ubuntu DDE is for you.

Solus OS

Solus is best looking Linux distro for beginner

Solus OS is the first Linux distro that features Budgie Desktop Environment. Budgie is a lightweight desktop environment with good modern looks. Solus OS has a tagline “designed for everyone” which suggests that it is designed for beginners. This makes using Solus easy for everyone.

Budgie is a simple and elegant desktop environment with minimal design and features a simple taskbar.

Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux

Manjaro is an Arch-based Linux distro, and like Arch, this is also a rolling release distro. This means you will always have the latest software updates available. This Linux distro is available in various desktop Environment versions. KDE Plasma Manjaro is one of the most customizable and modern variants.

Although even the Gnome version of Manjaro is also very modern the options available in the KDE version are much better. Which allows you to easily customize your PC according to your choice. KDE Plasma is a highly customizable desktop environment and you can customize it according to your choice and how you like it.

Manjaro KDE can look really sleek and awesome. So if you want the latest updated Linux distro with great looks and customizing options then Manjaro is for you.


Linux gives you a variety of choices to choose from but you might not have time to try each one of them. So these are the Linux distros that I think are best and offer the best looks which anyone can like. Try these and reply in the comments which Linux distro you liked the most.

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