Best Gaming processor under ₹ 10000 for budget Gaming PC

Whenever you want to build a gaming PC the first two things you think about are CPU and GPU. And when you are low on budget you don’t want to spend much on a CPU or else you will have to compromise on the GPU. That’s why here are the best gaming CPUs under ₹ 10000 to build a great Gaming PC.

In ₹ 10000, you can get a processor that is capable of doing more than 60 fps even on high settings. That’s why you will have no worries about the CPU bottlenecking the GPU while gaming at 1080p.

Without further ado lets look at the best CPUs for Gaming under ₹ 10000 in 2020.

5) Intel Pentium G5400

If you are looking for building a budget gaming PC and are going to purchase a discrete GPU. Then the G5400 is there for you. It will offer nice performance and FPS when combined with a low budget graphics card.

Pentium G5400 has 2 cores and 4 threads with base clock 3.7 GHz. It also has Intel UHD graphics 610 at a base frequency of 350 MHz and turbo of 1.05 GHz. At the time of writing this article, the Intel G5400 costs around ₹ 5250.

But If you are not going to invest in a graphics card, then you should get the Athlon 3000G. As Athlon 3000G has a better performing onboard GPU. And if you are going to invest a little more like in a mid-budget graphics card. Then you should get the Core i3 9100f about which we will talk later in this article.

That’s because even though G5400 is an overall good processor considering its budget. Core i3 9100f is really a far better-performing chip compared to the G5400. And the price difference between the two is about a thousand rupees only.

If you have budget of ₹ 30000 for your gaming PC build then take a look at this article.

4) Athlon 3000G

If you are really looking for a very low budget gaming PC and you don’t want to spend money on a GPU. Then under ₹ 5000 Athlon 3000G is the best budget APU for you. It has two CPU cores clocked at the base clock 3.5GHz, and it’s unlocked so you can easily overclock it.

3000G has on-chip Vega 3 graphics with three GPU cores. Now AMD’s Vega graphics are well known for their great performance in their price segment. The same is true with the Athlon 3000G, it doesn’t disappoint with its gaming performance. Especially when considering its an under ₹ 5000 APU (Processor + GPU on a single chip).

Now don’t just start playing recent AAA titles with it, although you can try it if you are really daring. In terms of performance, you will able to play older titles with low to medium settings at 720p with playable fps.

Titles like Shadow of Tomb raider and AC odyssey gives around 24 fps at low settings on 720p. And titles like Apex Legends, Crysis 3, and even GTA 5 get around 40 fps with low settings on 720p.

I will recommend this processor only if you are a light gamer or have a very low budget. And especially if you don’t want to spend money on purchasing a separate Graphics card. If you are going to purchase a dedicated graphics card then I will suggest getting at least Core i3 9100f.

3) Intel Core i3 9100f

If you have a separate budget for a Graphics card then under ₹10000 Core i3 9100f is really a great chip. Although there are other better-performing processors than the i3 9100f, considering the price point it’s really worth the money.

This CPU i3 9100f offers almost similar performance to the 5th-6th generation i7 processors. It has 4 cores and at a base frequency of 3.6 GHz and turbo up to 4.2 GHz. It has 6 Mb cache and a TDP of 65 Watt.

Now you can surely get better performing CPU under 10K then this. But around 6.5K rupees i3 9100f is really worth the money. Do note i3 9100f processor does not have any inbuilt graphics. That’s why if you plan to use i3 9100f you will have to get a graphics card to boot your machine.

2) Ryzen 3 3200G

If you know about processors you might be wondering, why I have kept Ryzen 3 3200G above i3. That’s because this is the budget CPU list and 3200G offers inbuilt graphics that are missing on the i3 9100f.

Ryzen 3 3200G has 4 cores at a base clock of 3.6 GHz and with a max boost to 4.0 GHz. It has 4 threads, 6 MB cache, and a TDP of 65 Watt. Ryzen 3200G is an APU and comes with Vega 8 graphics that allows you to play games without a dedicated graphics card.

Vega 8 graphics on Ryzen 3200G will allow you to play even newer titles, although mostly at 720p only. Games like PUBG on medium settings at 720p give around 40fps and Forza Horizon 4 gives an average of 35 fps at 1080p on medium settings. So depending on Games you can get playable FPS on low to medium settings.

Why to get Ryzen 3200G if you are Low on Budget?

Ryzen 3200G does not offer a very great gaming performance. But if you are low on budget then this APU can save your money(at least right now). When you are low on budget and want to spend on a low-performance graphics cards. As 3200G allows you to play almost all games at medium to low settings, you will not need a low performing graphics card. And in the future when you are ready to upgrade your pc then you can get a high-performance Graphics card.

Although in terms of performance when used with a dedicated graphics card Core i3 9100f will perform better than the 3200G. And you can get a difference around 6-10 fps between the two CPUs when tested with graphics cards like GTX 1660.

But if you are low budget then instead of purchasing a low-performance graphics card go for Ryzen 3200G. Save money right now and then spend on a better high performing graphics card in the future. This will give you better value for money than purchasing a low performing GPU now. And replacing it with a high performing GPU in the future.

1) Ryzen 3 3100

Best Gaming processor under 10000 core i3 9100f vs Ryzen 3100

Under ₹ 10000 this is the best performing CPU for gaming right now. Ryzen 3100 has four cores eight threads at a base clock of 3.6 GHz and max boost up to 3.9 GHz. It has 16 Mb cache making it really the best processor for gaming under ₹10000 and costs ₹ 8500.

Ryzen 3 3100 does not have on-chip graphics, that’s why you will have to get a graphics card. But if you are looking about the best performing processor under ₹ 10000 for gaming then this is it. Ryzen 3100 will not bottleneck the GPU even if used with great performing GPU’s like GTX 1660 or 1660 super.

So if you are building a budget gaming PC then Ryzen 3100 is the best processor to go for. You can build a good perfroming gaming PC under ₹50000 using this processor. So for any gamer looking to build a budget gaming PC Ryzen 3100 is the best processor under ₹ 10000.


If you are building a Gaming PC with a discrete GPU then Ryzen 3100 is easily the best gaming processor under ₹ 10000. But if you want to build a low budget gaming PC then under ₹ 10000 Ryzen 3200G is the best gaming processor.

Now depending on what type of build you want these are the best processors that I think are best under ₹ 10000. Do reply in comments, which processor you are using in your own gaming PC. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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