Features of Linux Operating System for Beginners

Linux is one of the most popular versions of the UNIX system. Its everywhere from cars to home appliances, smartphones to supercomputers, Linux is almost everywhere.

An operating system is a software that manages all of the hardware resources associated with desktop or Laptop. In addition, the Linux operating system is one of the most popular platforms on the planet. Here are some features of the Linux system.

Features of Linux Operating System

Graphical Customization

If you have ever used an Android smartphone or a Linux powered system, you will know how customizable the system is. If you want your desktop to look a certain way, there is no stopping you. Similarly, you can customize everything according to your choice.

From themes, icons, to wallpapers and entire GUI(Graphical User Interface) you can customize everything. Operating systems like Arch Linux support complete customization. While installing Arch you can choose which GUI you want to use.


Linux is a multi-user operating system, that’s why it can easily be used on servers. As well as on systems that have multiple users. Setting up Linux for multiple users is quite easy and is also secure.

Multiple users can access the same system resource like memory, CPU, hard disk, etc. This enables use of same hardware by various users for different purposes.

Control over everything

In Linux operating system you can customize everything from kernel to what software and apps you want to install. In addition, while controlling apps, you can also have control over your data. This improved privacy makes Linux one of the best choice for enterprises.


Linux is famous for being more secure and less prone to viruses and malware. It also provides security by assigning permissions (read, write and execute). This limits the number of actions an unauthorized user can take.

Linux also supports encryption, this provides higher security against unauthorized access.

Application Support

Most Linux distributions have their own software repository. From these repositories, you can download and install thousands of Applications. You can also add more repositories to download applications from.

Linux distributions can also run Windows applications using some applications like Wine. This will allow you to use your favorite Windows apps on Linux also.

Live CD/USB support

Most Linux distributions support live CD/USB mode. This mode enables you to try and use Linux distribution even before installing it. Some Linux distributions also support installing on USB with persistence also. This makes installing Linux easy as it might not even require space on your Hard-drive.

OS according to purpose

There are various Linux distributions and some created specifically for some special purposes only. For example, for image and video editing, one can install a distro(Linux OX) like Fedora Design, for those who want some really secure OS can choose a distro like TailsOS or Cube OS.

Chances are depending on your Use you might also find a Linux distro that can especially cater to your needs.

These are some of the features of Linux.

Who Should Use a Linux?

Anyone who wants a free, fast, higher secure operating system can opt to use a Linux OS on their system. Linux can give a new life to old hardware. While it can also provide you a faster and secure environment.

Hers is the list of 5 Best Linux distribution for beginners that you can try using to get a Linux experience.

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