Paint.Net Best Free alternative for Linux

If you have ever used Paint.NET on Windows operating system, then you should know how easy Paint.NET makes to edit images and graphics. It’s small in size, light on hardware resources and is easy to learn. But unfortunately, it is not available for Linux systems.

Although there are many other editing software for Linux like GIMP, but it is more like photoshop. That is overkill for some easy and fast editing as well as have a steep learning curve. For quick and fast learning and editing, we need an alternative to Paint for Linux.

That’s where Pinta comes in, it’s almost similar to Paint.NET. It offers a very polished and clean user interface. It offers the simplicity of Paint while having some more advanced features also. So that you could do simple edits fast and with ease. This saves time when you just want to do simple and quick edits.

As Pinta is open-source it’s available for free. You can install Pinta in Linux as well as Mac OS and Windows OS also. Pinta is also mentioned in our list of the 5 best Lightweight image editor for Linux.

Paint alternative for Linux

How to install Pinta in Linux

The command below will install Pinta on your Ubuntu and any other Ubuntu-based Linux distros. Open the terminal and type the command below.

sudo apt install pinta

To install Pinta in Arch-based distros use the command below.

 sudo pacman -S pinta

These commands will install Pinta on your system.

Features of Pinta Paint.NET alternative for Linux

  • Pinta has drawing tools like Paint.NET to facilitate drawing on a Linux system.
  • It includes various filters to provide a new look to photos.
  • It supports multiple layers, you can use it to help separate and group elements of your image for easy editing.
  • Pinta also supports multiple languages so that you can use it in your own regional language.

Try Using Pinta alternative to Paint for Linux and tell us your experience in comments?

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