How to convert an ADSL telephone modem into normal Router

Wired ADSL modems that are used to connect to the internet through a telephone cable are now outdated. Their place has been taken now by fast optic fiber connections. But do you know you can use these ADSL modems as Lan cable repeater and Wifi routers also.

If you have ADSL modem lying around you are at luck as you don’t need to purchase a wifi router for your new fiber-optic connection. As ADSL technology is now outdated you can get an old ADSL modem at very cheap. Let’s begin with what is an ADSL modem?

What is an ADSL modem?

Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) is a type of DSL broadband communication technology used for connecting to the Internet. The data in this technology is transferred in analog form through regular telephone lines. That’s where the mode comes in, it converts the analog signals into digital signals that our computers can understand.

In short, the ADSL modem is a device that is used to connect a computer to the internet through a telephone line.

Types of ADSL modems

Generally, ADSL modems are a combination of ADSL Modem and a router. Depending on the modem type it can support wifi as well as multiple LAN ports.

adsl modem with support of lan cable and wifi to use as a router
ADSL modem with Wifi

The above image shows an ADSL modem, It has one port for telephone cable(1st from the right side), then followed by four LAN ports are there, and two wifi antennas.

How to convert it into a Router

default gateway of modem

Its very simple to convert modem into a router follow the steps below.

  • Turn on the modem and connect the ethernet cable into an ethernet port in the modem.
  • Connect the modem with the PC through a LAN cable. You can use any LAN port for that. If you want you can also connect to the wifi of the modem to follow further steps.
  • Now check the default gateway of your modem, type cmd in the search bar and open command prompt or press Windows and R key together and then type cmd in the Run menu and then press enter.
  • In command prompt type ipconfig
  • Then copy the default gateway IP from the output and paste that into the address bar in your browser and press enter.
  • It will ask for username and password, it is admin for both username and password generally. Or you can google search for username and password of your modem with its model number.
  • Now in the configure menu of modem navigate to network section and then DCHP section.
  • Click on disable DCHP and then save.
convert a ADSL modem into router

This setting might vary from modem to modem, so all you need to do is find DCHP in the configuration of modem and disable it.

This converts your modem from the ADSL modem into a router. If it also supports wifi then you will also be able to use this ADSL modem as a normal wifi router.

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