How to reduce video file size without losing quality in vlc

The VLC media player is one of the best media players out there. It supports almost all types of video files to play and almost all types of audio files as well. But that’s not it VLC media player supports a whole lot of other features as well.

The VLC media player comes preinstalled with all supported codes. And VLC media player is the first thing most Windows users install (maybe after chrome or firefox). So Lets how to reduce video file size without losing video quality in VLC.

Compress Video to Smaller Size in VLC

Converting video files using VLC is quite fast and video output quality of VLC is also comparable to most paid software. Just follow the steps to compress video files using VLC. If you haven’t already downloaded and installed VLC you can download VLC from here.

Click on Convert/save in Media to compress video in VLC
  1. Open VLC, you can do this by searching VLC in search panel or by pressing Windows key and R together and then typing vlc.exe and pressing enter.
  2. In VLC media player, Go to Menu and click on Convert/Save. This will open a prompt to select files to convert.
  3. In File Selection click on +Add, to browse to the video file that you want to convert.
  4. You can select multiple video files, when you are done selecting files, click Convert/Save.
click on Add to select video to compress in VLC

You can select any format to convert video into but H.264 is one of the best compression standards. Although H.265 offers better compression H.264 with it has limited hardware support and may not support your smartphone device.

5. Select profile, for better video compression you can select from Video – H.264 + MP3(MP4) or Video – H.265 + MP3 (MP4).

In the Destination file section click on Browse then type a name and select output location. When you are done click on Start to start converting the video.

You will see time in the left corner increasing as well duration bar increasing, wait till it completes it will show the video completely converted. Although VLC is quite fast at converting video files, it might take some time depending on the size and quality of the video file.

Reducing Video size While also reducing quality

If you don’t care much about the original quality, you can even reduce the resolution to compress the file much higher. For that follow the steps below after step 5, click on the settings icon near profile.

In settings click on Video Codec, in that tab click on Resolution. In Scale select scale from 0.75 to 0.25 depending on the desired output. Here scale means the amount of change in original video resolution (For example 0.75 will give 75% resolution of original resolution of video).

You can also enter a manual resolution in width and height. The lower the ratio or scale the lower the video quality will be. But the lower the video quality the size of the video will also be low.

Convert Video file type In VLC

We all have videos, shot on our cameras, created on our computers, etc. These videos might be supported on our PC’s but sometimes will not work on devices like smartphones, TV’s. To play these unsupported videos on these devices you will need to convert videos into the device supported format.

To convert videos there a lot of other paid as well free software, but VLC does the almost same quality of conversion without needing separate software. To convert a video follow the above steps to and in profile choose the supported format for your device.

Generally, Mp4 is a great choice to convert videos into. As MP4 is the most supported format, rendering it the most universal video format around. Although don’t use h.264 instead use Video for MPEG4 in VLC as it will be supported on most devices.

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