How to delete all emails at once from Gmail

Emails have become a really important thing nowadays, with most of the things now being mailed. We receive emails related to office work, magazines, bills, and almost every other thing is nowadays mailed. This increases the number of mails we receive every day, which makes managing email storage space difficult.

Amond different email clients, Gmail is one of the most widely used ones. When Gmail started it gave 1 Gb storage space for free to save emails and attachments. Now, this free storage space has been increased to 15 Gb but at some point, even this storage space is not enough. So to manage email now you have two options one is to purchase more storage space from Google and the other is to learn how to manage in the provided free space.

At Lotoftech we don’t like to spend money instead we love to find ways to get our work done without spending much. So let’s just choose the second option and manage our emails in the free space allocated.

Steps to delete all of the emails in Gmail

  1. Open Gmail and go to your Inbox.
  2. Inside Inbox check the upper left checkbox to select all the emails.
  3. This will select all the emails present on the page, but wait don’t just press the delete button yet.
  4. See above primary you should see, All 50 conversations on this page are selected. This is because only 50 mails are selected.
  5. Click on Select all conversations in Primary written beside that.
  6. Now you should see All conversations in Primary are selected.
  7. Click on Trash can or dustbin symbol above it, and all emails will move into the trash.
  8. Gmail keeps emails in the trash for 30 days and then auto deletes them.
  9. But if you want you can delete these emails from Trash at the very moment, just open Trash from the left side panel after clicking More.
  10. And perform similar steps in Trash to delete all the emails instantly.
How to delete all email at once in Gmail

By particular sender or topic

You can also manage space by only deleting emails from a particular sender or about a particular conversation that you don’t want to keep. Like emails of sales and offers from stores that are not worth saving after the date is gone. So just search for that store or website in the search box. For example, emails from Facebook are not much important to keep them saved.

In Inbox search for a particular sender or any particular topic, you would like to delete conversations for. Then just follow the steps below.

How to delete all for a particular sender emails at once
  • When all emails of the unwanted sender or topic appear on screen just click on the checkbox.
  • It will prompt all 50 conversations are selected, click on select all conversations that match these search. This will select all the emails related to that criteria.
  • Now just click on the trash can or dustbin symbol.
  • This will move all the emails of any particular topic or sender into the trash.

We hope you like the post. Do you have any other method please do tell in comments. Do you have any other question please do reply in comments. We would love to help you as much as we can. Are you getting distracted from messenger here is a solution on how you can Logout of the messenger.

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