How to install Android 9 pie (Bliss OS) on PC

Brief: This detailed article shows you how to install Android (Bliss OS) on PC step-by-step, accompanied with proper screenshots

Android is one of the most popular operating systems but it’s not that popular on PC. So if you wonder how you can use Android on PC then Bliss OS is for you. You can play various Android Games on PC and also use apps like Whatsapp on your PC. This lets us enjoy a very large screen compared to Smartphones with a full-size keyboard.

Although smartphones have come a long way still keyboards on our PC are way better when compared to touch screens. And if you want to play games then this is the real perk of installing Android on PC. And Icing on the Cake is that you can directly install Apps or Games from Playstore so that you don’t have to sideload these apps.

There are no official minimum system requirements to install Bliss OS on pc but as the latest stable build of Bliss OS is based on Android Pie it will be demanding in terms of hardware. So if you have a very old computer then choose from this list of 10 Best Lightweight Operating System for Old Computers for your PC as Bliss might not be for you.

Downloading Bliss OS

Click here and you will be directed to the official page of Bliss OS, then click on Download Now. Scroll down and you will see options to select your PC type between 32-bit PC or 64-bit PC. If you don’t know your system type then follow the steps here. And in system type, you will see x64 based pc that means it is 64 bit. Anything except x64 based like x86 based or x32 based is a 32bit PC.

Then proceed by clicking Yes for have you ever run Linux on it. Then proceed by selecting your CPU type. Click on Download Please donate if you would like to support the Bliss OS team and then click on the version you want to download( I recommend downloading only the Stable version). On the next page wait for a few seconds and downloading will start.

Identify the mode of BIOS

Identify if your BIOS is in UEFI or Legacy mode. Press Windows key + ‘R‘ keys together this will open the Run dialog box. Enter this command in it “msinfo32” (without quotes) and press enter. Depending on your BIOS mode choose the below method.

Bios mode in system

Note: Lotoftech does NOT accept any responsibility, You accept all responsibility, including but not limited to data loss and other malfunctions by continuing beyond this point.

Method 1: Install Android(Bliss OS) on UEFI PC

You can also watch complete video tutorial below.

Dual-boot installation for UEFI system

This is the easiest way to install Bliss OS but this method will only work on UEFI systems. You will be able to easily dual boot your Android OS with Windows. And it is also safe as none of your partitions are changed and no need to format any partitions.

But To install Bliss OS you need to disable secure boot first. To disable secure boot, at computer startup press F1 or F2 or ESC (Keys vary from manufacturer to manufacturer) to get into the BIOS menu. In the BIOS menu navigate to Boot tab in the Boot tab, disable secure boot. This process might be different for your PC so you can google search how to disable secure boot with your PC make.

Installing Bliss OS on PC
  1. Go to the folder where your Bliss-OS iso file is saved.
  2. Double click on Bliss-OS iso file and run Androidx86-Install file. If you are unable to open it directly then you can use Winrar to extract it the ISO file and then run Androidx86-Install.
  3. In the Android image section, click on it and browse to the downloaded Bliss-OS iso file and select it.
  4. While C:\ is the default installation dive you can change it to any drive you like.
  5. Select installation size 16Gb or higher according to your needs. The more games and apps you want to install the more space you should allot.
  6. Click Install and wait, after some time installation will get completed then you can reboot and select Android X86 in the boot menu and then enjoy using Android on your PC.

Method 2: Installing Android (Bliss OS) on Legacy PC

At the time of writing this post-Bliss OS is not working in Dual boot on Legacy Bios so you will have to choose a computer with an empty hard disk or you will have to format it to install Bliss OS.

Installation on a Hard Drive partition for the Legacy system.

This method will work on both Legacy systems. First, you have to create a bootable USB drive. I would recommend a USB drive of 4 GB. To create bootable USB I am using Rufus you can download it from here.

Step 1: Create a bootable USB drive

Plug USB drive into the computer and open Rufus. Select the previously downloaded image of Bliss OS. Rufus should automatically select the USB drive, but please make sure that it has selected the correct drive (Note- This USB thumb drive will be formatted and all the previous data on this drive will be lost so Backup before proceeding.) Then click start and click “Ok” and wait for the process to complete.

Using rufus to install Bliss OS on PC

Step 2: Boot Into USB

Plug the USB drive and restart your computer. As soon as the motherboard logo appears at the start of your computer press the boot key. The boot key is generally F10 or F12 function key(but varies from computer to computer).

This will show you the menu to boot from USB or Windows device manager. You should select the USB drive and press enter.

Step 3: Selecting to Install

When you boot from the USB drive you will be presented with a menu to try Live CD- Run Bliss OS without Installation and Installation- Install Bliss OS to harddisk select “ Installation- Install Bliss OS to harddisk” and press enter.

Select installation after booting from USB

Step 4: Installing

You will be prompted to select the partition for installing Bliss-OS.

  1. Select your Hard drive partition where you want to install.
  2. Then select Do not Reformat and select Ok and press enter.
  3. You will be prompted “Do you want to install?” boot loader GRUB select OK and press Enter.
  4. Then for “Do you want to create a boot item for Windows?” select Yes and press enter.
  5. For “Do you want to install /system directory as read-write?” select Yes and press enter.
  6. Wait till installation completes.
  7. For “Are you sure to create the Image?” select Yes and press enter. Then you will get a menu to allot space for disk image let it be the 2048 value and just press enter.
  8. When prompted “Do you want to Run Bliss-Os” or Reboot select “Do you want to run Bliss-OS” and press enter.
  9. Wait till it loads(it will take some time as its first boot) and here you go installation is completed. Enjoy Android on PC.

This completes the installation of Android(Bliss OS) on your PC using Bliss OS and now you can enjoy android Apps and Games on your PC. Configure everything according to your requirements. To turn off your PC hold the turnon switch in your pc for a while and then you will get the option of Power off like in our smartphones.

If you face any problems you can ask in comments we would love to help you.

10 thoughts on “How to install Android 9 pie (Bliss OS) on PC”

  1. I´ve intall many times in UEF mode with android install and when I RESET the notebook it never shows Boot menu selection! I turned off boot security and fast boot and even thou nothing happends

    • Hello Tito, This might be caused due to your notebook not loading the Grub Boot loader, here is how you can do fix it.
      1) Open your Bios menu and Under “Security”, choose “Set Supervisor Password”, and set one. You will need this password any time you go back into the BIOS.
      2) Then below that “Select a UEFI file as trusted for executing” should now be available. If it’s not available, check that Secure Boot is still enabled, if not, enable it.
      3)select “Select a UEFI file as trusted for executing” and press enter and navigate to HDD0->EFI->BlissOS->grubx64.efi.
      4)The BIOS will ask you for a name for it, I called it Grub.
      5)Hit F10 to save and exit, then immediately hit F2 again to re-enter the BIOS.
      6)Now go to “Boot”, set “Secure Boot” to “Disabled”, and arrow down to the bottom of the list to your new “Grub” entry. Hit F6 until it’s the top of the list.
      7)Hit F10 one last time. Your system should now reboot and you should see the menu to choose between Bliss OS and Windows.

      Hope this helps. If this doesn’t help please do mention your notebook brand and model name so that I can help you further.

    • Hey,
      Check if secure boot is disabled or not. It’s located in the BIOS menu, if it’s enabled disable it, and then try booting into Bliss OS. If this doesn’t work try booting from Bliss OS Debug mode. To boot into Debug mode just select Debug mode at the start of the system.

  2. I have tried to install bliss os alpha 14 – means Android 11 in my lenovo e41-25. In legacy mode. But on installation it shows the error ”
    Please check if you have enough space to install bliss os “. Even in virtualbox how do I solve it. please write a reply with solution as soon as possible.
    Note: I want to dual boot it with windows 10 64 bit. My laptop’s architecture is 64 bit.

    • Hello Ameer,
      I have already mentioned in the above article that dual boot is not working in Legacy mode. And for installation on VirtualBox, you need to allocate a minimum of 20GB although I would recommend having 40GB. If that still doesn’t fix your problem you can ask again and I will try my best to help you out.


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