How to Transfer Data From Old Phone to New

Purchasing a new phone is great but transferring data from an old phone to a new phone is not. When we purchase a new phone we want to use it from day one while also keeping all the data from the old phone. And it can be a pain to move all data. Although moving data from Android to Android has an edge over moving data from iPhone to Android. You can not be sure that all the data like SMS logs will be backed up.

Follow our steps to transfer your data from old phone to the new phone smoothly. Just for a note when you are done moving data do check both the devices and verify all data is transferred. Don’t factory reset the old device until you have verified that all data has been transferred.

Prepare a list of what needs to be on your new Phone

  • Photos/Videos
  • Wifi-Passwords
  • Call history
  • SMS
  • Local Files such as Music and Documents
  • Applications(with their login info)

When transferring data this is should be the first step. As it will give you an idea which things are important and need to be carried when you transfer data from the old phone to new Phone. This LIst will also help you to check off items once they are transferred to the new phone. Making your data safe and transferring process error-free. The list above list is created by us for you while might not be one size fit all but it contains the most common types of data.

Transfer data from Android to Android

Transfer data from Android to Android

Transferring using Google

Just have a look in your old phone’s account settings if your Google account is signed in. We know it certainly is, but still have a look just to make it sure. So now let’s start transfer of data from your old phone to the new phone.

  1. When you turn on on your new phone, after the first few screens you will see the option to restore data from the old device. You will able be to choose device from which data should come
  2. Tap “A backup from Android Phone” you will then asked to open Google app on the other phone.
  3. Open Google app on the other phone and say “Ok Google, set up my device” or you can also type “set up my device” in the search box.
  4. Press Next. Both of your phones will now try to connect using Bluetooth. Just verify the name of the device before selecting it.
  5. To be sure that your data is going to go in the right place both of your devices will show some colored shapes. If shapes on both screen match tap Next on your Old device.
  6. Enter your screen lock code on your old device to confirm and approve data transfer.
  7. Login in your Google account on your new device. It might take some time but your data like Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Photos, and Backups will appear.
  8. To get your apps open Play Store and in the section My Apps and Games you will see the apps that you used in your older device. Pick the apps you want to migrate to your new device.

Transfer data from iPhone to Android

transfer data from iPhone to Android

Moving your data from iPhone to Android is not that difficult as you might think. There is an app Move to IOS created by Apple for Android. This app makes easy to transfer data from old phone to new phone easy and uses a direct wifi connection to do so. Move to IOS will move a lot of the data except for apps, passwords, and Music. While this tutorial will only work on IOS 9.0 or higher.

How to move data from Android to iPhone or iPad using Movie to IOS app

  1. Install the ‘Move to IOS‘ app on your Android phone from the Play store.
  2. Turn On your new iPhone or iPad and set up till you reach screen showing Apps and Data.
  3. Tap on option showing Move Data from Android.
  4. Open earlier installed Move to IOS app on your Android phone Give permissions when asked for.
  5. Tap Continue on both the devices and you will be sown a code.
  6. Enter the code shown in your iPhone device on your Android device.
  7. As you enter the code, both the devices will start connecting over a peer to peer wifi connection. You will see a screen prompting what data you want to copy to your new iPhone. Select and tap Next to start transferring.
  8. Once the transferring process is completed tap on Continue Setting up your iPhone or Setting up your iPad. Set up your apple id(create a new one or login in your existing account).
  9. At last, you will be asked to enter passwords for your Google accounts that you transferred from your Android device. This completes Moving data and you are good to go.

Transfer data from iPhone to Android

transfer data from Android to iPhone

For moving your data from iPhone to Android best option is to use the default manufacturer’s app like for Samsung Smart Switch. But while a lot of the Android phone manufacturers do not have a special app, the best option is to choose the Google Drive method. Moving data from iPhone to Android will require you to backup your data in Google Drive on iPhone and then restore that data on your Android device.

If you want to know how to use Samsung Smart Switch click here.


  1. Open Google Drive on your iPhone(if you don’t have one you can install from App Store)
  2. Sign in Google Drive with your Google account if you don’t have one you should create one. You will require a Google account anyway on your Android phone.
  3. In Google Drive, tap on the hamburger menu in the top left corner. Then tap on setting gear logo it will open a menu tap Backup in it.
  4. The next menu will ask you what you want to backup. Tap on Contacts, Calendar Events, Photos, and Videos. These are the things that you can back up from iPhone, data like Apps will not be backed up.
  5. Tap on Start Backup and wait it will take some time depending on your data to be Backed up. (You might want to connect to Wifi as it might consume a lot of data(resulting in data charges).
  6. While Backup is in process on your iPhone lets setup Android. Turn on your new Android phone and start setting up after a few screens you will see the screen with Bring your Data from tap an iPhone device in it.
  7. Tap Next on the next screen. And sign with your Google account that you used to sign-in Google Drive on iPhone. All your data will move to Android. Some data will not come like apps but you can easily find most of them in the Play Store.

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