How to install deb file in Ubuntu Easily?

This article is for those who are new to Ubuntu and Linux. This article will help you install new Debian packages in Ubuntu.

The easiest way to install any software in Ubuntu is to use Ubuntu Software Center. Just simply search for the application in the software center by name of the application and install it. But not all the apps are present in the Ubuntu software center, some are only available as DEB packages.

DEB packages are archived files that end with .deb file extension. So now the question is how to install deb file in Ubuntu.

Warning: Instaling the DEB package from an external source is generally not recommended! Doing so may cause harm to your system so only proceed if you trust the source of the package.

Install .deb files in Ubuntu

Try to install by simply double-clicking the .deb file, if it gets installed great. If installation fails due to an error like unresolved dependencies. Then follow the steps below.

Dependencies are the files that are required by the Application to run. So if the application that you are trying to install has certain unmet dependencies its installation fails.

How to install deb file and fix unresolved dependencies in Ubuntu? So you have two types of methods here, one is using a GUI tool while the other one is using the command-line interface. Depending on your choice select the method you like.

Method 1: Installation Using GDebi

Gdebi is a lightweight GUI tool to install deb files in Ubuntu quickly and easily. GDebi checks for such dependencies and auto-installs them while installing .deb file.

To install Gdebi in your system type the following commands in the terminal.

sudo apt install gdebi
Install deb files in ubuntu using gdebi

After installation of GDebi, try installing deb files using it. Right-click on the file you wish to install and select other applications. In the list choose the GDebi package installer.

Method 2: Install .deb files using dpkg command

Dpkg is a package manager for Debian and also supports its derivatives such as Ubuntu and Zorin OS. Dpkg package manager is used to install, remove, build and manage .deb packages. But it doesn’t support direct downloading and installation of any package.

So to install any application you first need to download it manually.

If you are getting dependencies error type this command in the terminal.

sudo apt install -f
How to fix dependencies to install deb file in Ubuntu

This should fix dependencies error, now try installing an application using the command below in terminal.

sudo dpkg -i path_of_deb_file
Install deb file in ubutu using dpkg command

Here path_of_deb_file should be replaced with the location of the file.(for example: sudo dpkg -i Downloads/google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb )

how to install chrome deb file in ubuntu

How to remove deb packages files

So now you don’t need the application anymore and need to remove it. It’s quite easy to remove the deb file, using the apt command.

sudo apt remove application_name

Just enter the above command in the terminal while removing application_name with the software name you want to remove.

We hope you now know how to install deb file in Ubuntu. If you face any problem, don’t worry just mention in the comments and we will reply as soon as we can.

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