How to install Kali Linux on android without root

Kali linux is one of the best Operating System for hackers and programmers. With a few steps Our smartphones can be converted into a Hacking device. This Guide helps you easily install Kali Linux on your Android device without root.

It’s inconvenient to carry all your hacking gadgets with you while traveling. But nowadays we always have a smartphone with us no matter where we go. So why not turn that smartphone into a hacking gadget. This will let us carry our hacking gadget wherever we go. Our phone also reduces the need to carry other gadgets like Raspberry pi which are a little bit uncomfortable to use in public.

The best way to convert your smartphone into a hacking device is installing Kali Linux on it. Kali is the most popular operating system for pen-testing and other hacking tasks. This tutorial shows you how to install Kali Linux on android without root.

Requirements to Install Kali Linux on Android without root

Step 1: Downloading and Installing Apps

Install all the three above mentioned apps from Playstore. You should install these apps from Playstore as it reduces the risk of getting malware and viruses.

Step 2: Installing Kali Linux using AnLinux

Open the AnLinux app and you will be presented with some instructions,

Install kali linux on android without root
  1. Tick I understand and then close. In Side pannel click on Dashboard and then you will see the option to choose.
  2. Click on choose and select Kali and then click on Ok.
  3. Now you should see a link and a copy button, press copy to copy the download link and then press launch.
  4. This will launch the Termux app so that you can paste the earlier copied link to begin the installation.

Step 3: Termux app

As you press launch Termux will open. It might take some time for the first launch so please be patient.

  1. When you see the screen with $ sign paste the earlier copied command and then press enter. Wait for some time as it will download Kali Linux in compressed form.
  2. When downloading is done copy the command below to launch Kali Linux

root@localhost:~# shows that the installation of Kali Linux is completed. Run the command below before proceeding further.

apt-get update

Now you can use Kali Linux but this installation is in the CLI(command-line interface) form and does not come with any tools preinstalled. To install any tools, commands will be the same as on desktop. But if you want to Use Kali with GUI(graphical user interface) from then you should proceed further to install GUI.

Step 4: Installing the GUI interface

Again open AnLinux application and slide from left to open the side panel.

  1. Select Desktop Environment in AnLinux app
  2. Press choose and select Kali to proceed further.
  3. Choose Xfce4 as its recommended and lightweight.
  4. Then press copy to copy the link.
  5. Press the Launch button to launch Termux app
  6. As Termux app launches type ‘./‘ first to launch kali
  7. Then paste the command to begin installing GUI. (It will download around 200Mb so you might want to use Wifi)
select keyboard layout to install kali linux on android without root

After downloading you will be asked to select your keyboard layout in the Termux app. So Just enter the number before the keyboard you want to choose like We entered 1. Then wait for some time till the setup gets completed. You will be asked to enter the password enter what you want to keep and reconfirm it. Press ‘n‘ when asked for a view-only password.

This completes the installation and ” New ‘remote-desktop’ is localhost:1″ shows your address of installation for VNC viewer. Open VNC viewer and press ‘+‘ and enter the address which is ‘localhost:1‘. And for name keep what you want then press create.

Press ‘Connect’ and click on ‘Ok‘ for Unencrypted connection. Type the password you kept earlier and press ‘Continue‘. Now you will be shown how to use gestures in VNC viewer.

This completes your installation of Kali Linux on android without root. We have used a low-end device for this tutorial. Still, there was no lag and was a smooth experience using Kali Linux on android without root. When you are done using Kali Linux type the below command in Termux.


When you again want to use Kali Linux type the below commands in Termux.


It will restart your VNC server and now you can again use Kali Linux just go to the VNC server app and press connect.

If you face any problems you can ask us in the comments below. We would love to help you and if you like this tutorial please share it with your friends.

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