How to reduce Phone heating while Gaming

Games on Android are becoming more and more demanding and power-hungry. As demands are increasing in terms of hardware resources it increases work done by Processor and GPU. Therefore resulting in higher heat generation.

Therefore to meet needs of power-hungry games, smartphones have also become very powerful. So powerful that you can even compare them with full desktop PC of just a few years ago. Although this same problem of heating is also there on gaming PCs. But there are options to cool them using various cooling techniques. But with smartphones there is a problem of space which is very low this reduces types of cooling techniques that could be used.

This heats genration affects user experience in quite a few ways. As smartphones are hand held devices we feel heat genrated on our hands. At some point this also makes holding device unberable. Another major drawback of heating is thermal throttling. Which is caused to prevent CPUs and GPUs from damaging, as these are designed to work under certain temperature limits. So when they reach a certain temperature their current flow drops to reduce temperature while reducing performance also. This thermal throttling causes frame drops and game lag. To prevent these its important to manage heat genration.

Although with the improvement in technology, a type of liquid cooling has made its way towards smartphones. You can read how liquid cooling technology works in smartphones here. This liquid cooling technology does improve the gaming performance of smartphones. But what about phones that don’t have liquid cooling and even those smartphones that have this liquid cooling tend to heat but just a little later and lesser. So how to reduce phone heating while gaming? To reduce phone heating while gaming just follow the steps below

Follow these steps to reduce phone heating while gaming.

  1. Remove your protective case/cover of your phone while gaming. As these covers are genrally made of plastic which is a bad conductor of heat. Resulting in trapping of heat and removing the case/cover will increase heat transfer.
  2. Keep the brightness of your phone at a fixed level like 30-40%. Turn off Adaptive Display/ Auto brightness.
  3. Install a free app like Greenify, as it puts apps that you are not using in hibernaton(force stop). This reduces amount of apps running in background which in turn reduces load on your phones processor. This will reduce phone heating and increase gaming performance. (Note: Greenify is becoming less effectve in newer versions of Android as this funcnality comes built in. And No notification will come from apps which are put on hibernation in Greenify. Although this is a good thing while gaming as there will be less distraction.)
  4. Never ever use apps which claim to cool your phone down. These app don’t work at all instead most of the time bring malwares and also keep running in background using your phone’s resources.
  5. Don’t play games outdoor under Sun. As while playing games your phones already starts to heatup and playing games under sun will make matter even worse.
  6. If possible unplug your charger while gaming as it might increase heating while gaming.

If followed these steps it should reduce your phone heating while gaming. And if these steps are not providing you the result you want, then follow the steps below.

Reduce game graphics to lower settings.

Note : Do note that these setting will affect your gaming experience.

Reduce game settings to lower graphics. This helps by lowering the load on CPU and GPU which inturn reduces genration of heat.

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