How to remove someone from Messenger

Menu UI in the Messenger app keeps on changing quite frequently. But when you are annoyed by someone and want to remove them from messenger you need it asap. So here is how to delete people from Messenger.

As messenger UI keeps on changing, there is no option now to delete or remove someone as a messenger contact. So now the best way to stop people from annoying you is to “block” them.

If you don’t want to block them the other option is to unfriend them, but it will not stop them from messaging you.

Remove people from Messenger

First, let’s see how to block annoying people on messenger.

Block people from messenger

  • Open the Messenger app on your phone.
  • Tap on People in the lower app menu.
  • In People, tap on the Contacts icon in the upper right corner.
  • Search for the contact you would like to remove and tap on the name of that person.
  • It will open a chat with that person, now click on “i” in the upper right corner.
  • Tap on Block to block that person.
  • A menu will appear to Block on Messenger and Block on Facebook.

Depending on what you choose that person will be blocked. If you select Block on messenger then that person will still be your friend on Facebook. But if you select block on Facebook then that person will also not remain your Facebook friend.

Unfriend the person

Facebook has removed the older option to unfriend a person on messenger. But you still have the option to unfriend them on Facebook using the messenger app.

  • Open Messenger App, and follow the steps above until you open the profile of the contact that you want to unfriend.
  • Then click on “i” symbol in the upper right corner, it will show all options.
  • Now tap on Profile, and then tap on View Profile on Facebook.
  • Now when it opens the person profile tap on Friends.
  • It will open a list of options, then tap on Unfriend.

This Unfriends that person on Facebook, now you should delete chat and mostly that person will not be able to contact you in the future. Any future messages from that person should go in message requests.

And if this doesn’t work and you are still getting messages from that person then the only option you are left with is to block that person.

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