Everything you need to know about Zorin OS 15

Zorin OS 15 is an Ubuntu-based Linux distribution created keeping in mind users migrating from Windows and Mac OS. More specifically Zorin OS is created to look a lot like Windows and it by default supports Window’s apps with the use of Wine.

Zorin OS is designed like Windows but it is very light on resources. This makes it suitable for older hardware PC’s. With its highly simple and familiar user interface its one of the best OS for beginners. It’s even featured in our list of best Linux distros for beginners in 2020. SO let’s see what makes Zorin OS stand out from other Linux distros.

Design Of Zorin OS 15

The iconic design of Windows XP and Windows 7 is very popular. Even though Microsoft has stopped supporting both of these operating systems there are still millions of users who love these operating systems.

Zorin OS alongside Windows

Zorin OS has borrowed a lot in terms of design from these iconic Operating systems. From the taskbar, start menu to tray icons all gives us a feeling of familiarity if you are migrating from Windows.

But that’s not it Zorin OS also comes with dynamic wallpaper that changes with the time of the day. It even supports the dark mode, which automatically turns on at night. Zorin OS also supports a couple of different desktop layouts to suit your needs, one of them is Touch mode.

Modified Touch Support

The touch interface in Zorin Os is very thoughtful, it goes beyond merely supporting touch screens. When touch mode is enabled it maximizes space for apps and other content on the screen for touch displays.

Zorin OS also supports multiple touch gestures and pinches that enhance your use of Zorin OS. This overall combination of touch theme with gestures makes using Zorin OS on a touch-based interface really great.

Gaming Support on Zorin OS 15

Gaming support on Zorin OS is also great, you can install Steam easily from software center. As you might know Steam lets you play all your favorite games quite easily. Steam nearly supports 30000 games and that should be great for all game lovers.

Zorin OS also supports Lutris, it is a central game manager that allows you to install games from multiple platforms. And play games from multiple systems on your system easily.

Zorin OS 15 Software Center

Zorin OS has a wonderful software center, it supports tons of software. Installing apps using the software center is really easy and for beginners to Linux, it would make using Linux a piece of cake.

The software center in Zorin OS includes open-source as well as proprietary software. And installing apps from the Software center is just some clicks away.

Zorin OS 15 support for dedicated graphics

Zorin OS officially supports dedicated graphics drivers, at the time of installation of Zorin OS you can select to install the graphics driver. Even if you don’t install drivers at the time of installation of Zorin OS, you can easily install it later.

It’s great news for gamers as you can enjoy the power of your dedicated graphics card on Linux while enjoying gaming.

Zorin OS 15 Ultimate

The Ultimate version of Zorin OS 15 comes with certain extra features. It has certain slick and simple ways to make both windows as well as Mac users happy. There is a total of 6 different versions of desktop layout that you can choose according to your choice.

You can easily tweak icons, fonts, title bar, and a lot of other things according to your preference. The ultimate edition of Zorin OS comes with a whole lot of apps. It also comes preinstalled with 20 open source games to get gamer inside you started.

Zorin Connect

Zorin OS comes pre-installed with Zorin to connect the app to easily sync your Android phone’s notification with PC. You can browse photos of your device from PC, reply to text messages from PC, share files and web links between Android phones and PC.

Zorin connect also lets you use Android phone as a remote control for your Zorin OS PC.


Zorin OS is one of the best operating system Linux has to offer at present. It is highly feature-rich while also being light on resources. If you are migrating from Windows or a Mac Zorin OS can easily be your replacement. And even if you are a beginner to Linux world Zorin will suit your needs with its beginner-friendly ecosystem.

Here is how you can install Zorin OS alongside Windows. You can download Zorin OS from here.

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