How to screenshot on Android Phone with a touch

Whenever we see something beautiful, something meaningful, something worth remembering we tend to save it so that we can see it again later. Our smartphones are really made to this stuff, that is to save things we like. And Screenshots are really a great way to save anything that’s present on the screen. But with so many devices around and each with its own way to do things, It really gets confusing to capture a screenshot when you are holding a new Android phone in hand. And diversity is really a culture on Android, most things vary from manufacturer to manufacturer even though the Android version is the same.

It’s just yesterday’s story I bought a new phone and installed facebook on it while browsing through my newsfeed I saw a very nice and motivating quote shared by someone. Naturally, now I wanted to capture a screenshot to keep it in my arsenal of daily motivation. But as I have moved from a Samsung phone I was habitual to press the Home button and Volume down button together to capture a screenshot. But as I did this new phone of mine just returned to Home instead of capturing a screenshot. And I really think the same has happened with a lot of you guys. So to fix this I have posted here various methods that are present in different Android phone to capture a screenshot. You can even capture a screenshot with just a touch.

Google Assistant

No matter which Android phone you are using if you have Google Assistant-enabled this method will work the same for you. Just say “Ok, Google” or long-press Home button to wake up Google Assistant. When Google assistant asks, “how can I help you?” just reply or type take a screenshot. Google Assistant will ask you to touch the screen for confirmation, touch the screen and screenshot will be captured. The only drawback this method has is that the screenshot can’t be directly saved. So to save the screenshot you will have to send that to your own mail address from that you can download the screenshot any time you wish.

Third-party apps

This is the best method if you want to take a screenshot with just a touch. If you have used an iPhone you will know how easy it is to capture a screenshot. Don’t worry you can get the same functionality in Android phones also Just download the Assistive touch app from Playstore. This app works similarly to Assistive touch on iPhone. Just click on assistive touch and there is a shortcut to capture Screenshot. There you have it a really easy way to capture screenshot even without pressing a physical key.

Using shortcut in Dropdown Menu

Android phones also have a screenshot shortcut present in the drop-down menu. Just open the Dropdown menu using down swipe and see if there is a shortcut for Screenshot. If there is then just touch on it and you are done.

If your phone doesn’t have a screenshot shortcut in the drop-down menu, download Screenshot Tile from Playstore. Using this app you can add a screenshot shortcut in the drop-down menu. This app even supports a screenshot delay feature. This feature lets you choose a delay after which the screenshot will be captured.

If you don’t want to use the above methods and just want to capture a screenshot then below are the regular ways to capture a screenshot.

Volume down and Power key

With most smartphones now being a complete screen, smartphone manufacturers have ditched the physical home button. So to capture screenshots most manufacturers and choosing Power and Volume down key together. Just hold these two keys together for a couple of seconds and mostly it should get the work done.

Home button and Power Button

If you own a device that has a physical home button(mostly Samsung phones) then chances are this key combination is for you. Press the Home key and Power key together and just hold for a couple of seconds it should capture the screenshot.

Volume Up and Power key

This is the most uncommon key combination but exists on certain devices. Press Volume Up key and Power key together. Hold this for certain seconds and a screenshot should be captured.

Do you know any other method for how to capture a screenshot on a droid phone? if Yes please do let us know in comments. Would you like to know how you can even screenshot Snapchat snaps without them knowing? just click here to know.

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