How to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing

We all know Snapchat for its awesome privacy-oriented features. When Snapchat got first started one of the most awesome features it offered was that no matter what you sent, the recipient would not be able to store your snap without your knowledge. And when someone tried to take a screenshot you got a notification(making you feel better that you are in charge of what you have shared). And a lot of times notification of screenshot even caused fights between couples. This caused people to start looking for ways to take a screenshot snaps in Snapchat without them knowing(the sender).

But can you really take a screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing? So that you can save some snaps without starting a fight or feeling awkward. The answer is YES. So here are a few hacks you can use to take a screenshot on Snapchat without letting anyone know.

1. Use Another Device

Let’s just start with the most basic way to do so. This method doesn’t require any technical knowledge and there is also no chance of any mistake. You will need another device.

Just take a recording of what you have received on another smartphone or Tablet. Yes, you will not get the best resolution, but if you just want to save what you have received then this is a fair and simple method. And yes most importantly there is no chance of them knowing by any means. Although you can click pictures we would recommend that you do a video recording. As you can take whatever you want from a video later and delete the remaining part.

Just remember to tap on start video recording before opening the Snap. And also do keep your hand steady to get the best results desired.

2. Screen Recording using an app

Another very simple method is using a screen recording app. As the name suggests screen recording apps help you record whatever is being shown on your screen. There are various such apps available although none of such apps are supported or licensed by Snapchat. To find such an app such search for “screen recorder” in the Google Play Store or Apple App store. You will see a lot of apps of a similar type, choose whichever you like and install it.

After installation open the downloaded app and start recording you might get some prompts for approval of screen recording. Accept these prompts and screen recording will begin. Now open Snapchat and everything you see on the screen will be recorded. When done stop screen recording and you will get your recorded video in the gallery.

3. Use Google Assistant

This is a very simple hack if you just want to click the screenshot of Snapchat snaps. But for this, you will have to enable Google assistant on your Android phone(if not already done). Open Snapchat and open the snaps you want to save as a screenshot. Then call out to Google Assistant either by long-pressing home button or with simple voice command of “OK, Google”. Ask Google assistant to take a screenshot either by voice or by typing. For confirmation, the Google Assistant will ask you to touch the screen. Just touch the screen and screenshot will be taken.

Although this method is very simple and safe but has a downfall, you can’t directly save these screenshots to your gallery. So when you ask Google Assistant to take a screenshot you will get an option to share the screenshot. Just send it to your own email address and you can download that screenshot from your mail anytime you wish. Or else you can also save these screenshots directly to your google drive.

4. Use third-party apps

As there are third-party apps for downloading youtube videos, saving WhatsApp status, there are also some third-party apps to record snaps. You can download these apps directly from the Google Play Store.

There are various such apps for example-SnapSaver. These apps make your work relatively easy and save snaps with very few steps. For this download app from Play Store.


Now in SnapSaver select from the desired option(Screenshot, Screen Recording, Burst Screenshot, and Integrated) and then open Snapchat. Open the snap which you would like to save and touch the SnapSaver icon that’s appearing on your screen, and a screenshot will be taken, or screen video will be recorded depending on which feature you choose in SnapSaver.

We hope tricks in this tutorial how to screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing will work for you if any of the hacks are not working do let us know in comments. As a reminder, we don’t endorse taking screenshots on Snapchat. And sometimes you might think it is really necessary to take a screenshot but do note that its a breach of privacy. And you are also putting trust in your relationship at a risk.

Sharing these tricks is more of telling you that nothing is private if shared online. If you are not comfortable sharing something in public then please do avoid to share that thing in private also. We would love to hear your views or anything if you would like to share with us.

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