Best News App for Android to Always be Informed

In recent years, technology has changed a lot of things and even how we read the news. Our smartphones are the best tech devices that provide us information on the go. With the advancement in technology newspapers, tabloids and even broadcasts have become a thing of the past. As we are moving into the future we are getting busier and with so many publishers and their separate sites, it’s really difficult to stay updated with news of choice. So in this post, we will talk about the best news app for Android that aggregates news from various sources of your choice to help you stay updated, and find the news of your choice.

The major plus point these apps offer is the sourcing of multiple news publishers at any given time. As with news publishers, each one tends to lean certain ways politically. But with these apps, you can sources multiple publishers at once so that you can form your own opinion. Most of these apps are free but some apps come with premium features that can be purchased.

Google News

Google News is a great app for Android, its user interface is very polished and smooth as you might expect. It pulls news from various sources across the world including various popular blogs. You can easily customize news feed according to your preference. You can choose between publishers, categories and even topics of your choice. The app can set up a daily briefing to give you the most important stories of the day for you, or you can also tap full coverage to get everything without Google’s curation. With Smart A.I Google claims the app gets better and more tuned with your interests as you use it.

Its even ad-free making your experience pleasant and while also saving data. You can even save a story to read it later and enjoy news of your choice when you have time for it.

Download Google News from here.


Flipboard is a very beautiful and fascinating news app. It has a very stylish and unique user-interface. Its user interface provides various news articles, videos, and sliders. You can choose which type of news you want to read and follow those specific tags to get only relevant news to you. The app lets you create custom magazines from the sources you like the most so that you can browse through your favourite topics. You can share these custom magazines or also find magazines about your interest created by others. The only drawbacks we think are, an increase in the number of ads and a higher amount of data it consumes while playing the videos.

Download Flipboard from here.


As the name suggests SmartNews it really has some brawn to back it up. This app analyses millions of news articles each day and categorizes them into various categories. SmartNews is mainly focused on providing trending news. So if you like to know what’s the hot topic about which people are talking a lot you can easily refer to SmartNews. It’s clutter-free easy to browse and provides fresh content really fast.

Download SmartNews from here.

Microsoft News

Formerly known as MSN news, Microsoft News is certainly one of the best news app for android and also one of the oldest. Microsoft News has a very smooth and polished UI, and it’s categorized design makes navigating through the app really easy.

You can even select news additions of different additions in the settings tab. You can even save articles that you like to read later. It even supports Night mode to save you from eye strain when reading news late at night. The only drawback we think is sponsored posts are a little difficult to differentiate from organic ones. You have to keep an eye to detect sponsored posts.

Download Microsoft News from here.


It is a very popular platform although the official app for android just got released in 2016, it quickly became one of the best ways to experience Reddit. Reddit is a combination of social media, news aggregators, and message boards that creates a very unique and fun experience.

Similar to the Reddit website, the Android app offers millions of topics. You can subscribe to topics of your choice, make subreddits. Reddit is famous for its very active community and even features a chat option. Although you might not get some of your favourite News publishers on this app. But you will surely get the best content available on the Internet on Reddit. It even supports feed customizing and night mode.

Download Reddit from here.


Feedly is a lightweight news app for android with a smooth UI offering a very appealing design. Its super-fast in updating content and supports most news publishers and even blogs. You can select almost all popular blogs for topics like Tech to have on your feed in Feedly. You can manually search for any news source or just copy the link to subscribe to it. Although Feedly offers a few suggestions it’s better when you create news feed from scratch. Feedly even has night mode to help you enjoy your favourite feeds even at night.

Download Feedly from here.

News Break

News Break is one of the most popular News app for Android. It’s designed to offer you the news that is of interest. NewsBreak has a “Following” tab as well as “For You” tab both are there to deliver you personalized news. You can easily share news articles from this app and its simple user interface make it a really good choice. There are even special tabs for local news so that you don’t miss what going around you. There is also a special feature known as “Instant News” that presents a small portion of news articles on the lock screen. The only drawback we thought of this app is its limited global reach and its missing of specific news brands.

Download News Break from here.


Inshorts is a news app that provides hand-curated short, crisp and relevant news within 60 words. While saving your time it also focuses on “Knowing it all without reading it all”. It tries to provide you full news without you having to read the full long length articles. Inshorts has a simple user interface and provides great quality content articles.

It has a “MyFeed” tab that shows news based on your personal preference. It is relatively small in size and has a simple user interface with one story at a time. Although InShorts is a great app its mainly focused on Indian readers. The only drawback we think is the high number of ads and sponsored content it has.

Download InShorts from here.

If you think any other app deserves to be on this list please do mention in comments. We keep this post updated so it might land on this list next time we update this post with proper credits to you.

Do you know you can even install Android on your PC, and if you would like to know how just follow this guide.

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