Is Solid-State Battery the future of Technology?

We every now then see new technology in our day to day life. But the thing which powers our tech (that is batteries) has remained the same for almost two decades. And the current battery technology has reached its full potential. But with our ever-increasing demands of power with safety this technology also needed to be changed. So as a future of battery technology Solid-State batteries have arrived. Although these are not commercially available at present. But are soon expected to change our lives.

How does Solid-State Battery Work

As the name suggests Solid-State Batteries replace liquid or gel in regular batteries with a solid electrolyte. As with conventional batteries, they are made up of an anode, cathode, and electrolyte(liquid or gel). The main difference here will be the transfer of ions which will take place through the solid instead of liquid in conventional batteries.

How will this tech change Our Lifes

These Batteries will be more energy-dense and durable. Which simply means is we would get a higher amount of power in the same amount of space. This will benefit in creating smartphones with larger battery capacity and Electric vehicles with a higher mile range. As there is Solid electrolyte life of batteries will improve a lot. And batteries will be able to maintain their full charge capacity for a longer period of time.

As there are no liquid chances of catching fire or exploding(like with Galaxy Note 7) will reduce drastically. This will make smartphones and electric vehicles safer. As there is a higher risk of Electric vehicles catching fire due to the exploding of batteries. Using non-flammable batteries will help in ditching cooling systems for batteries. Ditching the cooling system will make more space for a larger battery. This will make electric cars safer as well as better suited for long road trips.

Solid-state batteries also support super-fast charging although it might take some time but we can expect 30 sec time for 50% battery charge in the near future. And solid-state batteries could offer Cars 200 miles range in 10 minutes charging.

Why Solid-State Batteries are not Available Yet?

First, the material that could replace liquid electrolyte is not been easy to find. Swiss lab EMPAhas had success with amide-borohydride, MIT has suggested sulphide-based solids, some have even tried the glass. But each material has its own demerits. Second, the cost of production of solid-state battery manufacturing is very high at present. Manufacturing cost is also stopping the commercial use of batteries. But like every technology with more development tech becomes cheaper.


Solid-state batteries will offer fast charging speeds, higher charge carrying capacity, longer life, and cheaper rates. This will make batteries safer and more reliable. Surely solid-state batteries are the future as they have so many advantages compared to current battery technology.

With the current speed of development in battery tech, we could see the first Solid-state battery-powered device in two to three years only.

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