Perfect No Notch Phones using In display Camera

In recent years we have seen a trend to get the maximum screen to body ratio possible. So for that smartphone manufacturers are making smartphones that have notch displays, in displays holes, etc. All of this just to increase the screen to body ratio. But to make the screen to body ratio maximum one major thing that comes in between is camera and sensors. And although there have been new solutions like motorized pop-up cameras but they are ugly and have a shorter lifespan. So to overcome this drawback of visible holes and notches smartphone manufacturers are trying to hide the camera below the display.

Cameras if hidden below display will allow making the screen to body ratio maximum and can also overcome some serious drawbacks of notches and in-display holes like small sensor sizes of camera. As there can be a larger space for camera sensors. With larger camera sensors image quality will improve quite a lot. Brands like Oppo and Xiaomi have also started to work on such technology for their future smartphones. This tech will open a lot of possibilities for smartphone manufacturers and will allow them to come up with some really awesome smartphone designs.

Oppo’s Under Screen Camera (USC)

Oppo recently announced its solution for a full-screen display. They demonstrated an under-screen camera to the public at MWC Shanghai some time ago. Oppo says the display uses a custom transparent material that works with a redesigned pixel structure so that light can get through to the camera. What this means is that when the camera will be in use outer light will be able to pass through the screen to the camera sensor. This will enable us to capture images even if the camera is below the display. Although the area reserved for the camera will still work with touch controls. And Oppo also claims that display quality also will not be affected.

Although Oppo does acknowledge that as there will be screen in front of Camera it will reduce photo quality. As screen will cause problems like haze, glare and color dispersion. Still, a great thing is Oppo is claiming that they have developed algorithms that are tuned to hardware in order to address these issues. Oppo is also claiming that this algorithm will make the quality of the camera equal to the mainstream devices although these claims will need to be verified when this tech will be commercially available.

Xiaomi Patents Dual Under display Camera

Xiaomi has also filed a patent regarding Under display Camera. This confirms Xiaomi is also working on similar tech. This patent shows a dual camera below screen with an all-screen display. Although Patent is just a schematic and real device may look quite different. This patent application was spotted by TigerMobiles and was filled by Xiaomi.

This patent application shows a phone with a dual front camera with a small gap in between. This setup of the camera will be only visible when the user is using a camera. When the camera is not in use it will be invisible as pixels in that region become lighten up and blend with the rest of the screen.

Xiaomi has also confirmed that they are working on a display technology with a small transparent area made from low-reflective glass with high transmittance. According to the need this area will become transparent letting users capture photos or work as a display. However, Xiaomi has not confirmed when this technology will debut in smartphones.


Technology from both Oppo and Xiaomi seems promising and may offer a full screen in the near future. This will be a great future as there will be no notches and in-display holes. Although technologies from both Oppo and Xiaomi seem good Xaomi has an edge, at least on paper. This tech will also solve the age-old problem of where to look while video calling(Camera or Screen). Manufacturers will also be able to fit the camera in the center of the screen.

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