How to Fix Battery drain problems on Android?

We nowadays use our Smartphones for a whole lot of things than calling. And it’s annoying if the battery gets drained even before we reach home. Batteries are getting bigger, software more optimized and still a phone lasting a whole day is considered impressive. And a lot of times we find our phones battery draining faster than regular, but don’t worry there are steps you can take to prevent it.

This becomes worst if you are traveling as while traveling we tend to use our phones for a longer period of time. And ending up with zero battery while you are away from your home is a nightmare. So here is how to decrease battery drain and make your phone’s battery last for long.

The screen brightness is set too high causing battery drain

The screen is highest battery consuming a thing on a smartphone. And having higher brightness makes matters even worse. So when you want to save battery move that brightness bar to lowest settings this will reduce battery drain.

Have screen brightness change automatically

You can also enable automatic brightness to change the brightness according to your surroundings. Automatic brightness can help by increasing brightness when your surrounding is bright while reducing brightness when surrounding is dark. This provides you better user-experience while also saving battery wherever possible. But if you are traveling or if you want to get most out of your phone’s battery then its recommended to disable auto-brightness and reduce the brightness to lowest possible settings.

Reduce Screen timeout

Higher screen timeout results in the running of the screen even when you are not using it. This can result in unnecessary high battery usage. That’s why its recommended keeping screen timeout lower. To change screen timeout settings go to Settings > Display > Advanced > Screen timeout. Pick a time. While we recommend 30 seconds.

Apps that are draining the battery

Go to Settings > Battery or Setting > Device > Battery Usage to see a list of apps that are using battery power. Now if you see any app that you are not using consuming a higher amount of battery you should uninstall it. You should also uninstall or disable apps that are not important as they keep running in the background and consuming battery.

Another thing you can do is buy a premium version of the apps as free apps have ads and for displaying ads they increase battery usage. And some badly designed ads can even increase battery hogging.

Turn off features that you don’t use

Turn off Notification light

Notification light is a great feature in a smartphone but it can even increase battery consumption. So when you are in need of higher battery backup you should turn off Notification light.

Turn off Features like keyboard sound and vibration.

You might like sound and vibration while typing on your phone’s keyboard. But these features are high battery eaters. So its recommended to turn off these features to decrease battery drain.

Turn off Mobile internet

Mobile internet consumes a lot of battery, so it is always recommended to use Wifi. Wifi will use less battery as compared to mobile data and will decrease battery drain.

Turn off Bluetooth and Wifi when not in use

When not in use its always recommend to turn off Bluetooth and wifi. Bluetooth and Wifi keep searching for nearby devices resulting in the consumption of the battery. So its always better to use only when required and later turning off.

Turn off GPS when not in use

If you travel a lot you will know GPS is the biggest battery eater. And causes an instant battery drain when you are using it. So its always recommended to turn off GPS and only turn on when you are using it.

fixed battery drain on android

If you follow all of the tips above your battery backup should increase. But if you are still not getting Battery Backup as you use t get when your device was newer its recommended to factory reset your phone. Factory reset will wipe all your data but should work and solve your problem. You will a sudden increase in the battery as well as the phone’s performance.

Even after trying all of these if you don’t get enough battery performance to last all-day like you use to when your device was new. Then you should change your phone’s battery. Like everything else batteries also have a life which is measured in the charge cycle. A battery cycle is the amount of time a battery can be charged and discharged. Modern Lithium-Polymer batteries used in smartphones have batterie life of about two to three years or 300 to 500 charge cycles whichever occurs first. Now this estimate can vary as batteries tend to degrade fast if used in higher temperatures. Depending on your using conditions it might be that your phone’s battery has degraded.

Changing the battery of your smartphone can give you the battery life of a new device. And to maintain battery backup of your device for a longer period of time its recommend to use your device in cool conditions. If your device tends to heat a lot you can read this guide to control heating and increase the life of the battery on your phone.

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