Non Chinese Phone brands that are not made in China.

You will have your reasons to stop buying made in China phones like privacy, but this limits your options a lot. Still, there are some brands, that are not Chinese and also have their manufacturing plants out of China.

Although if you are considering phones to be completely built out of China, that is without even a single component inside that is made in China then it would be hard to find any. As almost all the devices have some components inside, that are made in China (at least right now).

So we will discuss here brands that are mainly manufactured out of China even though they might have some made in China components.


Samsung stopped phone production in China

Samsung is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world. This South Korean giant needs no introduction when it comes to smartphones. But you would be surprised to know that Samsung currently doesn’t manufacture its phones in China. As in 2019, Samsung closed its last manufacturing plant in China.

If not China then where are the Samsung phones made? The answer is quite a few other countries but mainly in two countries India and Vietnam. Of which India has the biggest manufacturing plant.

Samsung factory in India is also the largest mobile phone manufacturing unit in the world, in terms of production capacity. So if you are buying a Samsung phone then mostly it will be made in India or Vietnam.

As you are considering buying phones not made in China then Samsung can be your best option. Samsung phones are famous for their quality and they also have a huge variety in terms of phone models to meet almost every customer’s requirements.


LG phones not made in China

LG is another South Korean tech Giant that is famous for its tech devices. Although in terms of the mobile phone LG has been struggling recently. But it’s still in the top 10 smartphone brands in the world.

Till 2019 most LG phones were manufactured in South Korea, but now they have shifted most of their manufacturing to Vietnam. LG offers a variety of phones from midrange to premium phones.

LG V60 thinQ is one of the best flagship phones right now and offers dual screen. You can use multiple screens for multitasking and various other purposes.

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sony phones are not made in China

Sony is a very well known Japanese tech company. Once it was also one of the best phone manufacturers. But recently Sony has been struggling a lot in the smartphone industry. But that doesn’t mean Sony is not producing great phones.

It still has great phones from mid-range to flagships to offer and Sony also offers one of the best cameras on smartphones. Even a large number of other smartphone devices use the camera sensor’s manufactured by Sony.

Till 2019 Sony used to manufacture phones in China, but now they have stopped manufacturing there. And have shifted there manufacturing plants to Thailand. So if you are looking for a device you can buy Sony Xperia 1 which is a flagship phone and comes with a 4K screen.


Nokia once an iconic brand and the biggest phone company in the world is again trying to come back to its original glory. And recently they have also started producing some nice and good quality phones.

The brand Nokia is now owned by Finland based HMD Global. HMD Global manufactures quite a lot of devices in Finland itself but not all. Nokia manufactures its mobile phones in various countries like Hong Kong, India, Mexico, China, Brazil, Germany.

Now some of the components required in these phones still come from China (which is not surprising). But Nokia is working on the manufacturing of all the components in India also. As said in this article the HMD global will switch to manufacturing all components in India by 2022.

At present Nokia can be an option for you considering its a Finland based brand. And their manufacturing is also carried in various parts of the world. Depending on where you live, you might receive a phone manufactured in a nearby manufacturing plant.


Asus is a Taiwan based company and a very well-known brand in the Laptop and Computer industry. But since the last few years, Asus has also started manufacturing some great phones.

Rog Phone II being one of those, and it is also one of the best phones released in the year 2019. Asus also manufactures some of its phones in India. As for most of the devices from Asus are either manufactured in Taiwan or in China.

Now depending on which country or the region you live, you might receive Taiwan made or even a China made phone.

So I think these are the best smartphones brands that are not Chinese and also manufacture out of China. Tell us in comments, What do you think about these brands and which brand do you like the most.

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