8 Best Wallpaper apps for coolest wallpapers on Android.

Wallpaper is the first thing we see when we lay hands on our smartphone. It gives our phone’s home screen a unique look. And with an increase in usage of smartphones wallpapers have become even more important.

They have now become more like a reflection of our mood. Imagine it like being an actual wall in your space (room/office). As beautiful walls improve our mood the same is for wallpapers.

Different wallpapers can act differently for us, some might give motivation, others can act in other different ways. Just for example in this article Robin writes, he feels motivated seeing his desktop wallpaper.

So why not keep some beautiful, unique, and coolest wallpapers on our Android smartphones that will improve our mood and productivity. For that, I am providing this list of best Android Wallpaper apps that you can use to download some awesome wallpapers.


If you are looking for some cool wallpapers you surely need to have a look at Walli. It has a great collection of custom artworks by a community of artists. Walli offers you some very unique and great looking wallpapers.

The team behind Walli selects top artists from all over the world for designing wallpapers. The designers get rewarded a share of the percentage of their earnings for contributing those arts. Walli has home four main tabs of Categories, Featured, Recent and Popular.

Walli also has a feature named Walli-Playlist in which you can add up to 10 images and can keep it to change after a certain set duration. So if you are looking for some unique and cool wallpapers then Walli is a great option for you.

3D Wallpaper Parallax

Thanks to multiple layers in 3D parallax wallpapers they offer something very unique. The beauty of these wallpapers can make these wallpapers one of the coolest wallpapers for Android.

This app is also very popular in its specific categories and offers some decent wallpapers. It might not have a very huge collection but has a decent collection to satisfy almost everyone. You can also create some 3D wallpapers of your choice using this app.

You will find wallpapers of Joker, IronMan, Spiderman, Superman, Blackpanther, flowers, cats, and various others. So if you are looking for some coolest wallpaper you should try this app. This might not have the best collection out there but has some very nice 3D parallax wallpapers.

You can watch demo of these wallpapers on this YouTube link.


Tapet is not like any other regular wallpaper app, that comes with a selection of wallpapers that you choose from. Instead, Tapet gives you a choice to select design and color and that creates a high-quality wallpaper.

This gives you options for customization and offers some great and minimal wallpapers. With a lot of color options, each wallpaper can match your color choice.

You can also set Tapet to change to a new wallpaper after every set period. Or you can also set it like to change continuously. Tapet also keeps records of applied wallpapers and also liked wallpapers. So this is a great option if you are looking for graphic wallpapers.

Wallpapers by Google

Wallpapers by Google is one of the simplest apps with a decent wallpaper collection. It has categories like Landscapes, Textures, Life, Earth, Art, Cityscapes, Geometric shapes, Solid colors.

Just click on the category and you can see a nice collection of wallpapers in that category. Even though the collection is decent, it’s not very big, which limits the number of choices for each category.

Although this app offers a limited collection but does have some great wallpapers. This is also completely free and doesn’t even have ads or in-app purchases.

AMOLED Wallpapers by Mice Productions

With a lot of devices now featuring AMOLED screens popularity for Dark wallpapers is also increasing. If your phone also has an AMOLED screen you might have also wanted to use dark wallpapers at some time if not daily.

As dark wallpapers have a lot of other perks than being aesthetically great looking. This app by Mice offers some great dark wallpapers. It has various categories from buildings to creatures, superheroes, and many others.

You can browse through each category or even use a shuffled list to see which wallpapers you like. This app offers some of the coolest dark wallpapers for your Android device. So if you are looking for dark wallpapers this can be one of the best choices.


Resplash is powered by Unsplash.com, which is one of the most famous sources for beautiful free to use images. The same is offered by Resplash on our smartphones. It has one of the highest collection of images, around 1,000,000 HD wallpapers.

These images are also well organized into their distinctive collection. Resplash has nice high-resolution images for mobiles. It also has a very simple UI, in which you can keep scrolling or you can also look category wise for wallpapers.

So overall its a very nice app with huge collection of beautiful and cool wallpapers.


It has happened with almost each one of us, when we see a phone or its commercial and we really like its stock wallpaper. So Walp is the solution to that. It has stock wallpapers of almost every popular flagship.

From iPhone’s to Galaxy S series, Note series, Oneplus, Pixel, and almost every other popular phone. So if you have liked the stock wallpaper of any phone, all you need to do is just install this app and look for that and you might find it.

These wallpapers are also provided in pretty nice quality even up to ultra HD. And the app also has other features like changing saturation levels and auto change if you want something new daily. The coolest stock wallpapers that were once available only for selected devices can be used on any Android device.


WallHub has a simple interface just like a Facebook wall, all you need to do is scroll down. If you like natural wallpapers and outdoor, it can be a nice app for you.

It also has category-wise sorted wallpapers. There are categories like Animals, Amoled, Animals, Space, Architecture, Travel, Food, and others. It has a decent collection of nice quality wallpapers.

One of the other features of WallHub is images are initially monochrome, and as you scroll your feed these images become colorful. So if you are looking for a simple to use the app with a nice collection of wallpapers then WallHub is for you.

Wallpapers by Android Station

Wallpapers or even named QHD wallpapers is an app that has a very nice collection of Wallpapers. It has a selection of very colorful and natural-beauty wallpapers that make the device home screen look awesome and cool.

The app has a very similar interface as wallpapers are sorted in tabs and are sorted category wise. So you can just scroll till you find the wallpaper of your choice or you can just browse category wise.

The overall app is good and has a nice collection of wallpapers. So if you are looking for natural beauty wallpaper you can find that in this app.

Other Honorable Mentions

These two are also great options that you can try for very nice collection of wallpapers.

Unique Wallpaper X

Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers)

Thanks for reading, I hope you like the list. Is your device feeling slow or storage is full here are 5 best cache cleaning apps for Android

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