5 Best Cache Cleaning Apps for Android

Have you noticed after a certain period of using your Android smartphone it starts getting slow? This is because of junk files that have accumulated on your phone over the period. Files like cache files, image thumbnails, junk from ads, all these files get accumulated over time.

That’s why cleaning your device once a while can surely improve your device’s performance. Now, what better way than installing an app that could do all of this for you with just a few taps.

Although, I don’t recommend having these apps installed permanently. But installing them once a while to clean your smartphone is good. These apps also give your device an instant storage boost by deleting useless files.

So let’s see which are some of the best cache cleaning apps available for Android right now.

All-In-One Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox like the name, suggests is a versatile tool in terms of cleaning apps. It is a junk cleaning app, cache cleaner apps, ram free app, app manager, etc all these in a single app.

The even better thing about this app is, most of the tasks just require a single tap. It also has a feature named CPU cooler that claims to cool CPU by closing apps and reducing the load on it.

It also has a Boost+ function that can clean system cache as well as close background apps automatically. Although to use this app feature you need to do a in-app purchase.

It also includes other features like deleting multiple apps at once, advanced file cleaning, Wi-Fi analysis. All these features truly justify its name of All in one toolbox.

Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer is one of the best known Android cleaner apps. Its a simple to use the app and does its work within a few taps. It has more than 1M downloads and a rating of 4.4 stars.

It offers automatic cleaning after regular intervals, you can even set this time interval. So if you are fed up with your device getting constantly slow and storage almost full. Then try this app and set it to clean automatically.

It even includes features like mass delete apps and privacy advisor. Now you might be thinking what is the use of privacy advisor? So privacy advisor provides you with the list of apps you have installed and permissions each app is allowed.

It even gives you suggestions if an app is suspicious. You can also see the list of the permissions and determine by yourself if an app is suspicious. For example you don’t expect to see call permissions for a calculator app.

So overall it might not be the most awesome looking app on this list but its quite easy to use and offers great functionality within few taps.

Go Speed

Go Speed is a very high rated app as it has more than 10M downloads while still maintaining a rating of 4.7 stars. It’s even a lightweight Android Cleaner app that claims to be 50% more efficient than other booster apps.

Its designed with advanced monitoring techniques, that can clean up and stop sneaky stealthy background running apps. It can even disable auto-startup apps.

There is an app manager that can distinguish between system apps and useless apps. Then terminate useless apps that are running in the background with a single tap. This makes your device faster and saves battery by reducing processes running in the background.

Phone Master – Junk Cleaner master

Phone master like the name suggests is a master in the maintenance of the phone. It can delete junk files, close apps running in the background, and can do a lot of other stuff you expect it to do.

It even has a special menu for cleaning WhatsApp junk. As most of us use WhatsApp, it fills or devices with a lot of useless files. So you can use this app to specially clean those files and free up storage of your phone.

It even has other features like smart cleanup which can be used to schedule auto cleaning of your device. So overall features and ease of use, make this app in this list of best Android cleaner apps.


It’s one of the oldest cache cleaning apps in the market. It was first launched in 2004 for Microsoft Windows. Since then it has only increased its reach, it’s also available for macOS as well as Android now.

Using CCleaner you can remove junk files, free up RAM, and even free up storage. It even has the option to Uninstall multiple applications at once.

It even has feature to hibernate apps, so that you can stop apps that keep running in background. But this features requires you to purchase in app purchase.

But even though CCleaner is one of the best cache cleaning apps for Android, it has been criticized for annoying users with intrusive ads and once also with collecting user’s data without their consent.

Do you really need a cleaner app in Android?

No and Yes. See regular maintenance is not required for our smartphones that’s why you don’t always need these kinds of apps. But once a while after a period of certain months such apps can really do a great work. This once a while cleaning really frees up space and even makes you device perform faster.

So use the apps and tell us in comments which app you like the most. You might also want to know best hacking apps for Android so click here.

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