iPhone SE vs OnePlus 8 almost same price which to buy?

The second version of the iPhone SE has been launched after four years of its first version. And considering the price, it might look like a great deal to you. But wait you have not compared it with OnePlus 8 yet.

Having an almost similar price they both should be compared before deciding which one to buy. Even if you don’t want to buy any of these phones you might want to know which improvements they have over their previous versions and more importantly over one another.

So continue reading and decide for yourself which one is better when both have an almost similar price.


Let’s Start with iPhone SE which basically has the same display we saw three years ago on iPhone 8. A 4.7-inch Retina HD LCD display with 1334×750 resolution offering a pixel density of 326 PPI. SE has almost the same display features like iPhone 8 except 3D touch which was present then but now has been discontinued in the recent iPhone line up.

While on the other hand, OnePlus 8 comes with a 6.55-inch AMOLED display. AMOLED displays offer deeper contrasts over the LCD of the iPhone. It also has a better resolution of FullHD+ 2400 x1080 with a pixel density of 402 PPI. Ice on the cake OnePlus 8 has a 90Hz refresh rate display while SE has a regular 60Hz refresh rate.

The OnePlus even looks a lot more flagship with its curved-edge waterfall display. So in terms of the display there is not match in OnePlus 8 and iPhone SE, OnePlus 8 wins hands down.


iPhone SE vs OnePlus 8
Source: Apple and OnePlus

SE has the exact similar design of the iPhone 8, with thick bezels above and below the display. So its obvious Apple didn’t have to spend much money on R&D as they came up with the older design but with newer specs. Which explains the reason why iPhone SE costs low when compared with Apple’s other flagship models.

Although it is a nice design overall with both front and back being glass but wait we are comparing it with OnePlus 8. And seriously when compared side by side it does feels old or at least not a flagship.

OnePlus 8 has a curved display and curved glass on the backside. And when you look at it, it looks flagship and awesome. When you hold it makes you feel you are holding a flagship device.

The other difference is iPhone SE has a physical fingerprint scanner (which some people prefer) and OnePlus 8 has an in-display fingerprint scanner.


iPhone SE comes with a single 12 MP single camera and a 7 MP selfie camera. It has OIS and supports Slow motion recording 1080p at 240 FPS.

OnePlus 8 has a 48 MP primary camera,16 MP ultra-wide camera, a 2 MP macro camera, and a 16 MP selfie camera. It also supports 1080p slow-motion recording at 240 FPS.

Both smartphones have great Cameras and capture quite great detailed pictures. But I consider OnePlus better just because it offers more options.


Both the phones have flagship processors as iPhone SE comes with Apple’s latest A13 Bionic chip while OnePlus 8 comes with the latest Snapdragon 865 processor. So both phones will perform very well without any issues. But in terms of RAM iPhone SE only offers 3 GB while OnePlus has 8 GB and 12 GB variants. This sounds very high on paper but in reality, it will not affect much still, OnePlus will have extra multitasking capacity.

Another plus point OnePlus 8 supports 5G while iPhone SE does not which makes OnePlus 8 more future proof.

Battery and Charging

iPhone SE comes with an 1821 mAh battery and OnePlus 8 comes with a 4300 mAh battery. So OnePlus 8 should beat iPhone SE hands down(it does at least on paper) but that’s not the case in real life. iPhone with its great software optimization performs very well even with such low battery capacity. But still, OnePlus will have a huge upper hand in terms of battery backup(especially for gaming or heavy usage).

In terms of charging both the phones support fast charging but only iPhone supports wireless charging. This is the thing OnePlus has been lacking for long as they don’t provide wireless charging. Although this has been fixed now as OnePlus 8 pro supports wireless charging but still not the OnePlus 8.

Box Contents

OnePlus 8 comes with a 30 Watt fast charger inside the box and also provides a transparent cover to protect the phone but no earphones are included in the box.

While on the other hand even though iPhone SE supports fast charging Apple has only provided a regular charger, so you will have to buy a fast charger. iPhone, on the other hand, provides lightning port earphones in the box.

Ease of Use

The iPhone SE is small and can be easily used single-handedly. And it has Apple’s IOS which many considered easier to use than Android.

While on the other hand OnePlus is large and it’s quite difficult to use single-handedly. While OnePlus 8 comes with Oxygen OS which one of the best Android skin right now.

Overall iPhone SE is easier to use mainly because of its smaller size.


In India iPhone SE is priced at ₹ 42,500 and OnePlus 8 is priced at ₹ 41,999 (8 GB + 128 GB) variant(both prices are for their base variant).

Which one to buy OnePlus 8 vs iPhone SE?

Its no doubt both the phones are great and will perform without any issues. But as they have almost similar prices the decision should be made on what you personally want.

If you want a device that can be used single-handedly and is small enough to carry inside even your tightest jeans, or especially if you only want an iPhone then you should buy an iPhone SE.

If you want a device for better media consumption, Gaming (which is better due to the better and bigger screen), better battery backup, and the overall better device then no doubt you should choose OnePlus 8.

There is also an ultralight weight carbon fiber power bank to keep your device charged while being easy to carry.

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