Zoom adding end to end encryption but

As you might already know Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing app. A lot of people started using Zoom in this period of COVID-19 lockdown to communicate. So much that the daily active users of Zoom jumped from 10 million to 200 million.

But with the increase in active users, privacy concerns have also increased. More than 15000 private zoom meetings got leaked online. These include private business discussions, casual conversations, therapy sessions, elementary school classes, and nudity.

These and some other things raised concerns over the use of Zoom. Causing some governments to issue an advisory to avoid using Zoom. US Senate, the German government told staff not to use Zoom.

To overcome these privacy concerns and make the app secure the company has already provided a few security updates till now. But now finally they also have announced the implementation of end to end encryption. Zoom has clearly identified that end-to-end encryption is a key part of a secure communication.

Zoom Is implementing end-to-end encryption

To implement end-to-end encryption Zoom has acquired New York based startup Keybase. Keybase specializes in encrypted messaging, and cloud services.

Although the company behind Zoom has previously attracted considerable criticism for claiming to offer end to end encryption in certain marketing. But in reality, it was only offering TLS, the same technology used to secure HTTPS websites. TLS makes the data transmission secure but the company can still access video and audio content. Although his time they are talking about serious end-to-end encryption.

Will it be paid?

Zoom is finally going to offer end-to-end encryption, but yes it is only going to be available for users with paid Zoom plans. These paid Zoom plans start at $14.99 per month (at the time of writing this article).

In a blog post on Thursday, Eric Yuan(Founder and CEO) emphasized that the feature will not store the encryption key on Zoom’s servers. This will prevent even the company from accessing any part of the call.

He also wrote, “We believe this will provide equivalent or better security than existing consumer end-to-end encrypted messaging platforms, but with the video quality and scale that has made Zoom the choice of over 300 million daily meeting participants, including those at some of the world’s largest enterprises,”.

It’s not sure when will this feature be available to use but it’s going to be in the near future as mentioned in the post.

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