You can now run more than 6500 Windows games on Linux

Till now Windows was the only option for pc Gamers. That’s why Windows has always attracted users, that too for a long time now. But now this situation seems to be changing.

Even though at present Linux is far behind in the race of best gaming OS but it is catching up fast lately. If a few years ago you would have tried gaming on Linux then you would have got only a few games out of the box supported on Linux.

But thanks to Proton this situation has really changed, now you can play more than 6500(as per Protondb blog) Windows games on Linux out of the box. This is really changing the scenario for the gaming operating system and more importantly creating an option against Windows. Although can advantages of Linux make it the best Gaming OS is a different topic.

About Proton

If you don’t know about Proton its Valve’s solution for Linux’s Gaming loving fans. Proton is forked out from Wine with additional patches and libraries like DXVK (implementation of Direct X over Vulkan).

It is integrated within the Steam Play. This makes playing windows games on Linux as simple as hitting the play button. With Proton there is little to no effort from the user’s side to play even high-end games.

For detailed information and to see supported Games right now you can visit This site aggregates reports from Linux gamers around the world and generates statistics. This data will give information about how well the Game runs on Linux.

Drawbacks of Proton

Even though achievement is really great if we think about it. But when we are comparing it with Gaming on Windows it still a long way to go.

This especially applies when talking about Multiplayer Games. As multiplayer games rely on Windows-specific anti-cheat software. This dependency is missing for certain games on Linux. That’s why there are lower numbers of Multiplayer games supported on Linux right now.


Games have finally started to appear on Linux is really great news for Gamers. There are still certain hiccups right now, but it is just a matter of time now when we see Games specially created for the Linux platform.

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