Vulnerability with Chrome, Google Warns Of Security Risk

Google has issued a critical warning for its two Billion Chrome users. If you are also a Google Chrome user you need to know about this. In this warning, Google has advised its Chrome users across Windows, macOS, and Linux to update their Chrome browsers to the latest version.

This warning is because of a vulnerability that has codename “CVE-2020-6457”. This vulnerability is also termed as “use after free” exploit this means that hackers could take advantage to run untrusted codes by controlling the free memory on the system.

This vulnerability is dangerous as it could affect all of the chrome users on all major operating systems. This includes users on Mac, Windows, as well as Linux.

While Google is not providing any information about this vulnerability except its name and codename. Sophos a security expert team has explained what this “use after free” vulnerability is and for what it can exploit.

Effect of this Chrome Vulnerability

Blog post written by Sophos security researcher Paul Ducklin describes this vulnerability can be used by hackers, “to change the flow of control inside your programs, including diverting the CPU to run non trusted code that the attacker just poked into memory from outside, thereby sidestepping any of the browser’s usual security checks or “are you sure” dialog boxes.

In short, if the hacker exploits this vulnerability, then the hacker can run code on your system from anywhere and even without your knowledge. This type of exploit is known as jargon or RCE, that is the most serious type of exploit.

To fix such a serious vulnerability Google has advised to update the Chrome browser. While Chrome 81.0.4044.113 update is being released with the vulnerability fixed it might take some time to reach you. So as soon as the update arrives you should update Chrome to 81.0.4044.113 or later.

How to Update Chrome

This critical bug present it is really important to update your Chrome browser. So without waiting for the auto-update why not try to update the chrome manually.

Click on the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner in Chrome. Then this should open a menu in which click on Help. Then in the next menu click on About Google Chrome. If you are running Chrome version 81.0.4044.113 or later then you don’t have to worry else check for updates. If the update is not available at present check after some time and install it as it arrives.

Its always a great idea to update apps, as updates bring security and bug fixes. It improves security of your system.

If you are facing problems with Google chrome. Like Chrome not responding here the fixes you can try.

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