Endless os vs Zorin OS which should you choose

Endless OS is really just like the name suggests, it’s endless in terms of features when you start exploring it. The full version of Endless OS comes with more than 100 preinstalled applications. These applications provide a unique and new experience.

While Zorin OS is more like a regular distro with minimum features. But Zorin OS is very light in terms of using hardware resources, this makes it fast. Zorin OS also has a great user interface with different customization options. You can read a detailed review of Zorin OS here.

Which OS should you choose between Endless OS vs Zorin OS? And Which OS is better between Endless OS and Zorin OS? Let’s see answers to both the questions as well as how both OS’s defer from each other with a detailed comparison.


Installation of Endless is the easiest installation I have ever seen. There are two ways if you already use Windows you can download the installer and proceed to install, all it asks is language, type of installation(full or basic), and storage you want to allot. Then it just starts installation and after installation, you can give username and password and with a few clicks, Endless OS is ready to use.

While if you install it alongside Linux, or as only a single OS then you will have to download ISO file. Then create a bootable media and rest installation is similar except you will also need to create a separate partition or else the selected partition will get completely erased.

Installation of Zorin is also easy but not as easy as installing Endless OS. Installing Zorin OS is more like a regular Ubuntu or similar Linux installation. You can click here to know how to install Zorin alongside Windows.


endless os vs zorin os

In terms of Design both the operating system are very different from each other. Zorin OS uses Gnome and customizes it to offer various desktop layouts that look familiar to macOS, Windows, Linux, and Touch layout(all these are available only in paid version).

In the free version of Zorin OS, which is named ‘Core‘ Windows and Touch desktop layout are available. With the help of different layouts, you can customize Zorin Os according to your choice.

zorin os vs endless os

While Endless OS is available completely free even for the full version. The desktop layout in Endless OS is more like an Android Tablet and uses gnome-shell. With a search panel above and app icons in mid of the screen, it looks clean and elegant. Endless OS doesn’t offer many customization options instead Endless OS is made to be used as it is out of the box.

The only things that you can change are background image, profile pic, and default apps. Although you can make certain changes by installing Gnome-tweaks, but that’s not what Endless OS is meant for.


Endless OS is a highly feature pack OS if you install the full version of it. It comes with more than 100 apps, that are meant to be used offline only(Except apps like Facebook and WhatsApp). These apps include Chrome, Facebook, WhatsApp, Encylopedia, Games, and other learning apps. A lot of apps and games are there to keep children entertained as well as educated.

You can also download other apps and games from the Endless OS app store. And even if you install a basic version of Endless OS you can later install all the apps from the app store. Endless OS doesn’t includes any PPA so the only option to install apps is the app store.

Zorin OS comes with almost all apps that you expect from a regular Linux distro(distribution). It’s based on Ubuntu and also includes Ubuntu PPA so even if something is missing you can install it easily. Zorin OS also has its own app store to easily install apps.

What makes Zorin OS special is its speed even on older hardware with its elegant look.

Use Of OS

Endless OS is catered towards children and family use. It’s really a great choice as an OS for children as it has a huge library of offline apps and games. These apps and games not only entertain children but also educates them at the same time.

You get peace of mind in Endless OS as everything is offline even the encyclopedia(which is a type of Wikipedia but offline). This assures you that your children will not wander away on the internet. Keeping them safe from sites they should not visit.

While Zorin OS is more like a regular professional distro. You can change its layout depending on what you are previously accustomed to. But with its elegant look and fast speed, it can really stand out from other similar distros. Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu hence is pretty stable as well brings all the good stuff from Ubuntu.

Which OS should you choose?

If you are looking for a regular Linux distro or if you are a power user then you should definitely use Zorin OS. Zorin can really meet your needs as a regular Linux distro. Even for gamers, Zorin OS is a great option, as it allows you to change drivers and customize it according to your need. While Endless OS doesn’t support any customization and change of drivers.

If you just browse the internet or have kids at home then you should definitely choose Endless OS. Endless OS can be a treat for kids to keep them entertained. For Kids Endless OS is even better than Windows or any other OS. Just disconnect Endless OS from the internet and handover the PC to children and see them learning them something even from Games.

Which OS is better between Endless OS vs Zorin OS?

Actually both are great in their respective category. Endless is catered towards children and as a family OS and it really does a great job in that.

While Zorin is catered towards a fast and more professional OS and its really one of the best OS in that category.


Which OS is better between Endless OS vs Zorin OS is dependent on what you want to use it for. So now you should be able to decide which OS suits you best.

Tell us in comments what do you think about any of the above OS.

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