5 Best Whiteboard animation software for Youtube

Whiteboard animations are one of the best ways to make informative videos and presentations. Whiteboard animations have become more popular due to informative channels on Youtube. These channels use software to make informative and engaging content.

If you also want to start an informative Youtube channel or just want to include whiteboard animations in your existing channel’s videos you need a whiteboard animation video software.

Now, there are a lot of apps and even online sites that you can use to create whiteboard animation software. Here I have created the list of apps that I think are the best.

1) Explaindio

It is a very popular name in terms of animation software. Explaindio claims you can work with it even without any prior experience and training. This mostly works with drag and drop, you have to choose the elements you like and drop them in the frame.

With a mix of 2D and 3D animations, anyone can create a professional-looking video using Explaindio. Apart from Whiteboard animations, you can also create cartoons and FMV (full-motion video.)

So if you are looking for a more versatile app then just a whiteboard animation software to create videos Explaindio can be your choice.

One more advantage of Explaindio is if you buy its yearly plan its fairly cheap then its main competitor VideoScribe. Explaindio costs $67 per year($ 5.58 per month) when billed annually.

2) VideoScribe

In Whiteboard animation software Videoscribe is one of the most popular software, and it has reasons to be that. It allows you to make whiteboard animation videos quickly and quite easily.

Videoscribe has an extremely large library of built-in images(more than 6000). The user just has to drag and drop to add elements in the frame and then customize it. Along with it, you can also import your own created images. It also supports features such as importing fonts and even voice over recording.

Videoscribe is also priced competitively, if you purchase a yearly plan then it costs $ 96 ($ 8 a month). The price of Videoscribe is $ 17.50 if billed monthly.

3) Adobe Animate CC

Adobe is one of the most popular names in the creative apps software industry. Adobe also offers Animate CC which can be one of the best software in the industry. It’s a highly professional software and produces top-notch quality videos but its not easy to use.

Its a very versatile app and a has lot more features than whiteboard animations. It can also be use to create 2D animations.

But it requires you to learn before creating any videos and is not beginner-friendly. So if you are looking to create professional-grade videos and have the patience to learn then Animate CC is for you.

Adobe Animate CC starts from $19.99 per month when billed annually or $29.99 per month if billed one month at a time.

4) Doodly

best whiteboard animation software
Source: Doodly.com

Doodly also claims to be the whiteboard animation software that anyone can use with or without any technical or design experience. Along with whiteboard animations, it even supports greenboard and glassboard animations.

It even comes with a massive library of elements, which can be used to easily create videos. It even supports creating your own elements and also known as smart doodle technology.

It costs $39 per month when billed monthly and $20 per month when billed annually which is a little higher than other similar apps.

5) Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro is also a great White board animation software. What makes it even more special is that it has no monthly fees. It means once you have bought it, you own it without any monthly charges.

The cost is also reasonable at $ 67 for business and $ 97 for business pro. They claim this business pro also comes with 12,000 premium images and soundtracks. This app is also not very costly considering other similar apps.


So I think these are the best whiteboard animation apps at present. These can be really helpful if you want to create whiteboard animation videos. If you do buy any software do tell in comments how did it worked for you.

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