What Linux distro should I use? Let’s finally get an answer.

What Linux distro should I use? It is a very commonly asked question, especially by beginners. Considering the number of Linux distros available this question is obvious. Although this is also the beauty of Linux you can find a special Linux distro for almost every type of use.

But this beauty of Linux can also create a lot of confusion when you are a beginner in the Linux world. But to solve this confusion you just have to think about what do you want to do with your PC and you might find a Linux distro for that purpose.

So here I am including Linux distributions, which I think are the best for their specific purposes. You just have to think about what do you want to use your PC for and you will find a suitable Linux distro for it below.

Best Linux for Gaming

There is no doubt, at present Windows 10 is the best OS for gaming. But Linux is catching up fast, so fast that at present there are more than 6500 Windows games which you can play on Linux.

There are certain advantages of gaming on Linux that can promote Linux as a gaming OS and even make it mainstream. That’s why here are the Linux distros you can use for Gaming.

Steam OS

Steam OS is one of the most popular gaming distros available right now. It is created and maintained by Valve Corporation, the company behind Steam, and multiple games.

This OS is based on Debian 8 and comes with the GNOME desktop environment. To make it suitable for gaming, Steam OS already supports various joysticks, gamepads, and graphics cards.

You can also go ahead and manually install drivers for any hardware if it’s not already installed. Steam OS also comes preinstalled with some games or else you can always games directly from steam.

It is not like a regular distro, it’s more like turning your PC into a gaming console. But this is also the advantage of it as Steam OS has fewer functions its lightweight and can allot more resources to actual gaming.

Ubuntu GamePack

Ubuntu GamePack as the name suggests is based on Ubuntu. It comes from Ukrainian developer UALinux. Packages like Steam, Wine, Play On Linux are all preinstalled. This saves gamers from manually installing each package.

It also has proprietary codecs and drivers preinstalled. Along with it, there are also different systems installed like Steam, Lutris, itch, and others. UALinux claims support of thousands of Games to make it a really suitable choice for gamers.

One of the other benefits is it’s based on Ubuntu LTS providing stability and also awesome community support that comes with Ubuntu.

Lakka OS

Lakka is not like the other two options above. It’s a lightweight Linux distro that can turn your computer into a full-blown retro gaming console. And as its lightweight, you can install it even on older hardware.

It’s built on top of Liberto core and uses RetroArch on the frontend. It supports almost all keyboard as well as controllers. Lakka is the best choice if you are into retro gaming and emulating. As Lakka OS comes preinstalled with a lot of emulators to directly get you started.

If you want to play the latest PC games then go with the other two options, but if you are into retro gaming and emulating, then you won’t regret installing Lakka OS.

There are other honorable mentions also which I couldn’t include in this list.

Best Linux for Beginners

We have already written about 5 best Linux distros for beginners you can read that detailed article here. So if you are a beginner in Linux world looking for a Linux distro that is easy to install and easy to use, you can try any of the Linux distros from that list.

Best Linux for Programmers and Developers


Ubuntu is not a bare-bones distro that you need to configure from start. Instead, Ubuntu is considered a very beginner-friendly distro and comes preinstalled with a desktop interface. While being beginner-friendly it is also a great choice for advanced power users and developers.

It is a very suitable OS for emerging technologies such as deep learning, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Because of various libraries, examples, and tutorials. It is even the chosen distro of Android Open Source Project for building source files.

Ubuntu is also the first choice for many renowned frameworks such as Keras, OpenCV, PyTorch, TensorFlow, and others. It offers a polished user experience and has 5 years of support in every LTS release. Ubuntu even supports the popular .deb package management system.

Considering the above things and huge community support, Ubuntu can be a great choice for your upcoming development projects.


Debian GNU/Linux distro is one of the oldest Linux distributions. It is also known as mother distribution, as a lot of other Linux distros are based on it. Even one of the most popular Linux distros Ubuntu and now Steam OS both are based on Debian.

The main reason behind this is the stability of Debian which is its core feature. Debian comes with a lot of packages that are aimed at stability and security.

Debian has top tier repositories and a great community to support it. It is also user-friendly making it suitable for beginners. Debian’s Stability, community support, and a vast number of other awesome things about it make Debian a great choice for programmers and developers.


Fedora is a community-based Linux distribution just like Debian. But unlike Debian, Fedora is a bleeding-edge distro. This Red Hat backed Linux distro has a 6-month release cycle.

It is known as a bleeding-edge distro because its always updating with the latest software, drivers, and features. Updates and upgrades are normally painless providing you with the latest software.

Even Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux uses Fedora, over other Linux distros, which shows there is something special about it. So if you are looking for a secure OS with the latest software for programming and development, Fedora can be a great choice although less stable than Ubuntu or Debian.

Best Linux for Kids and Family

Endless OS

Endless OS is one of the best OS that you can install on a Family PC. It has a lot of games and apps that children can play and learn. It also has social media apps and other apps preinstalled for elder users.

But almost all of the apps and games don’t require connecting to the internet. And that’s why when handling over a PC with Endless OS to children you can have peace of mind as you don’t need to connect it to the internet.

These offline apps and games are a major advantage of Endless OS as children can wander away on the internet. Here is a complete review of Endless OS you can read.


So the answer to the question which Linux distro should i use? is decide what do you want to use your PC for. Then depending on your use choose any of the above Linux distros.

If you think about any other type of Linux distros that should be mentioned in this list do tell us in comments. And as soon as we update the post we will try to include it.

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